Looking for Good Value and Recommended Mattress

Hi All,

I am looking to purchase a good quality, relatively firm mattress and would like to hear out your suggestions. Is it worthwhile waiting for the EOFY sales and which mattress would you recommend? I know there are deals that allow a 100 day trial but would like to avoid the hassle. The top three on my list right now are Sleeping Duck, Ecosa and Koala, but also appear to be on the higher range of the pricing. Any recommendations for a great value and quality mattress?

Thanks in advance.


  • IKEA fits both those criteria. Definitely get a mattress topper too, huge difference.

  • One Bed could be alright that i've been checking out, seem to have reasonable return policy but i'm a bit skeptical of all the 5 star reviews, and there isn't a 50 page whirlpool thread about them like Ozmattress use to

  • I have this in Queen size, got from a previous deal for $219 delivered, great value for the price

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    ZZZ Atelier. I've had mine for 3 years now and its been one of my better purchases.

  • Thanks! Look like pretty good options. Wonder how they compare to the exp Sleeping Duck mattresses.

  • Sleeping duck. Already bought 2 for different rooms and about to buy my third.

    Backstory - Wasted $5k on a mattress a few years back from Forty Winks. It was terrible from day 1 and felt nothing like the shop one we tested for hours lying on it (we like a firm mattress and the second it was delivered it felt so soft I called and asked if they had delivered the wrong one but they swore it was correct). No refunds of course. Scammers.