Subaru Forester Price

Hi guys,
Anyone purchased a forester recently? Got quoted 39,000 for the base model including a set of car mats…
Anyone got a better deal recently?


  • No I haven't, but I'm not in the market for a forester.

    Hope this helps

  • RRP seems to be about $39,400 drive away (according to Carsales)

    You could probably get a bit better I would think, I recently got about $1500 off a base Impreza which is a cheaper vehicle overall, so I imagine there is potential for some wiggle room on a Forester. Doesn't hurt to put your best offer on the table at, say, $37k and see what they do with it. You have to be firm and be willing to walk away. Can always go to another dealer or come back after consideration.

  • 15% minimum - just say pegaxs sent ya

  • What is the waiting period on these? I enquired last month and was told 4 month minimum. It was 39k final.

    • Yeah I was looking at them and the XV and told minimum 3 months so haven't bothered proceeding.

  • Unless there are promo sales can't day Subi dealer's are the best to deal with. Good luck. Bad experience with Subi Melbourne ages ago. Oh you want to test drives a WRX. You'll have to buy one. Never been back to a Subi dealer. My parent's love Subi's. They have had Impreza and Outback

  • Wait till the last week of the month (or mid next month if you can), then call all the dealers in your state. Say you will buy from the cheapest price delivered.

    You might do better with a lot of time in person, but this approach will get a good price for relatively little work.

  • I've been looking at them a bit lately, imo seems like its a better option to go back a year or two to get premium for the same price

  • The Melbourne metro dealers are the same owner, they know not to compete against themselves. Try your regional dealership or Lilydale

    • I believe all Subaru dealers nationally are owned by Inchcape. Still worth trying different dealers but there won't be a massive difference, especially now while stock is being limited.

  • i just recently purchased the Forester Sport, kept getting quoted rrp which was like $46,000, lowest i could get was $45,500.
    went to MotorScout and used them (i know i know brokers are a contentious topic on here but i was being lazy) and managed to get 1 for $44,000, including car mats, nothing else :(

    ordered in late February, delivered late March.

    am in Sydney btw

    • Another upvote for motorscout! They managed to get me $1000 off my seltos sport + with some accessories thrown in without much leg work.

    • Subaru are selling like hot cakes and they don't care about quoting anymore. I found that I can get better deal going into the dealer because the last thing they want is see you walking out with your money and take it to another dealer.

      I got a XV. Ordered before Christmas, car built in feb, and delivered just before Easter. Crazy wait time.

      Price wise was $1k off rrp with ~$2.5k+ value of accessories and paint protection thrown in.

  • What is the wait time for a subaru now? I had to wait 4 months for a XV.