Online Purchase Refund

Hi forum,
What are my options with an online purchase I made that wasn’t in stock when the shop packed my order ?
It was showing in stock when I ordered but they weren’t able to find the item in the shop - I picked a cheaper item after talking to seller.
Can a request a refund or should I accept a store credit note ?
I’m annoyed that when I asked about the amount owing they replied there’s a credit note in your package- I wasn’t asked or told this was happening ,
Ty in advance .


  • refund via the method you used to pay

  • If they can't provide the stock then you're entitled to a refund. I would take a refund rather than a credit note unless you're completely sure you'll buy from them again in the near future.

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      unless you're completely sure you'll buy from them again

      Ummm no

      They need to refund the money.

  • Had a similar thing happened to me. Ordered 3 packs of an item to make it worth the shipping from overseas and they shipped 2 without even contacting me. Sure I got a partial refund of the cost of 1 but made the overall purchase not even worth it. They should not deny a refund from purchase method. No way should you accept "store credit".

    • Similar thing happened to me, there was an EB games sale a few years ago and I picked a couple of good things I really wanted that were an excellent price, and a few less good value things to make shipping worth it. You can guess which things they actually sent and which ones they didn't 😡
      I got them to refund part of the shipping cost but still ended up with a bunch of items I didn't need that much and no items I really wanted. If stores communicated with their customers this wouldn't need to happen.

      • Definitely! The place I bought from was a random online store with good reviews but regardless big or small business changing a customers order without the customers knowing is incredibly unprofessional..

  • Nah, that's BS. Demand an actual refund, none of this store credit malarkey.