Garage Length for Mazda CX-9

I am planning to buy a CX-9 but wondering if it would fit in my garage. Usable length of my garage is 5.3 meters, Cx-9 is almost 5.1. Width is not a problem as it is a double garage where I’ll park only one car. I know I can fit it in but want to hear from people who have done this, how inconvenient/practical is it?


  • Door type?

    • Rolling door, single door for double garage.

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    park it diagonally

    • park it sideways.

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        cut it in half to park it and weld it back together every morning

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    Have something on the ground for the front wheels to stop against. So every time you pull in you know you will fit inside the garage.

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    Might not be able to open the rear hatch with the garage door closed?

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  • Might not be able to open the bonnet with the garage door closed?

    • Correct!

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    Take one for a test drive and see how it fits :)

    • It fits but can’t open the bonnet like others said. But I am not sure how much of a inconvenience that will be.

      • -.- i dont know someone that is not a car person opening their bonnet more than once a year.

      • if you rarely open the bonnet then it's rarely an inconvenience. right?

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    Most parking sensors will go to a continuous beep at 15 cm. So you'll need to be comfortable driving a bit beyond that to fit it in.

    If you're getting a towbar, you'd probably want to take the tongue off too.

    How will the passengers get in? Will they walk around the back of the car with the door up, or will you back out a bit and let them walk around the front?

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      I am thinking a stopper would help stop at right distance. I can keep the garage door open for passengers to get in and out.

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    Might not even be able to walk to the other side of the garage with it parked in there. You'll need to park it exactly with 10cm clearance front and back.

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    I've got a 2018 CX-9 and it fits comfortably in my 5.5m garage but if you have a garage smaller than this, it doesn't leave much room to walk around the back of the vehicle whilst it's in the garage.

    • My building spec says my garage is 5.5 in length. But when I measured it was 5.35 when the garage door is excluded.

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    I have a tight fit for my garage too. It just means leaving the garage open to unload your boot, getting passengers out before closing the garage, dealing with beeping when parking and getting a 4 by 4 wood to help you park. As stated by people above.

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    Right fit in the garage isn’t fun, but depends how much it annoys you. You won’t be able to walk around the front when in. You won’t be able to walk around the vehicle when the garage is closed. Ie no good if your workbench is on the other side and you need a screwdriver.

    Plus one for putting in a wheel stop. We have plenty of room for our car, but it’s better when there’s more room around the front. I put a block of wood on the floor to know when to stop with just enough room to close the door behind.

    Keep a pool noodle handy for the tailgate if it won’t open far enough when parked inside

    • Pool noodle is a great idea.

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    Should be fine if you can access the driver door from your house without having to open the garage and walk around the car (not an issue if house access is from outside the garage).

    Just plan to put something soft at the end of the garage for your car to nudge up against or touch.

    Width is usually more the problem in garages. If you have to open the garage to access the boot, can't see that as too much of a problem.

  • The CX9 is a big boy. We are lucky to have a very long carport but we are maybe left with half a metre clearance.

    Enough space to open the boot and walk around, however we park with under 5cm from the front of the car, which you will become good at with practice.

    We are lucky there is a roller door to the back yard on the front so if we occasionally give it a little kiss there is no damage.

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    Ooh 20cm doesn't leave a huge margin for error

    In comparison, new Kluger is about 5m long, so would buy you an extra 10cm :P

  • Should fit fine as should fit in a standard parking bay 4.9m x 2.6

  • I have a std double garage, i build some shelves hung from ceiling hanging over the bonnet which allow me to drive all the way in to a few cms from the back..which then allows me to walk around the back much easier and open the tailgate even when garage door is closed.

    Before that could not open tail gate withiut open garage door even at an angle .. still no chance of a second car though…

    You can make /buy several instruments that will ensure you able to park close to wall without hitting it. I use a little fleixble stop sign bought on ebay.