Best Place to Make Prescription Eyeglasses

I need to replace my lenses with a new one.

Just to be clear I'm keeping old frame and looking for the cheapest place to make one without compromising quality.

My prescription is very high and can cost me $4-550 at opsm.

Vision direct seems cheap but I have to get a new frame. It's still cheaper however.

If there is voucher or student discounts, please let me know


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    I found Costco is quite competitive on lenses as they don't have thousands of options. (and Blue light filter lenses are FREE upgrade while others cost $100). You may want to check it out.


      Is the blue light filter the one that the lenses look yellow all the time?

      I don't have Costco membership or live near it unfortunately


        Yes, a bit, but it is very light yellow. I definitely won't pay for it if it costs $100 extra.

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    I get prescription glasses from Zenni Optical:

    They're cheap and good, only downside is you can't try them on.

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      Second this - had good experiences with Zenni and EyeBuyDirect.

      Crazy how much you pay extra at optoms.


        Another vote for Zenni !


          Thanks guys.
          Do they able to use old frame if I sent it to them?



    You say "My prescription is very high" so sounds like you are wearing multifocal lenses, I would be wary of ordering the lenses online as the measurements need to be quite precise for you to get the right vision correction.

    I recommend you take your glasses to a store who will be happy to reglaze them for you,, so they can measure the glasses on your face. The challenge will be finding one that will do it at the price point you are after. I know Specsavers do offer reglazing services but a lot of them are not keen to support this as their business model is selling the stuff from the wall.

    Good luck.

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      "My prescription is very high" so sounds like you are wearing multifocal lenses

      No it doesn't. I'm guessing OP has myopia and probably a script around -7.0

      OP is probably after ultra thin (1.74?) high index single vision lenses which are very expensive.


    Not all places will accept to get lenses for an existing frame. I did this at the same place I bought my glasses from (BUPA Optical) however my script is not as high as it used to be. Definitely check online stores and maybe email them to get a quote.