[PC, PS4, XB1, Switch] Free - Golden Flopper Spray for Fortnite (sign up requ. ) + pickaxe (30 min play requ. ) - Epic Store


More little freebies for the Fortnite players among you.

You will get the Golden Flopper spray merely for signing up to the event and if you play 30 minutes on the qualifier map you will get the Piranhas pickaxe in addition.

"Sign up now and receive the “Golden Flopper” Fortnite in-game cosmetic Spray as your first reward! But there’s more: after you’ve successfully registered you can unlock your very own “Piranhas” Fortnite in-game cosmetic Pickaxe by playing 30 minutes or more on the featured Creative Mayhem Regional Qualifier Map."


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    How long does this promotion run for? I'm keen to give it a go after work tonight!


      If you play it, do you think the rewards are worth spending 30mins to obtain them both?