Bought The Alienware R11 with RTX 3080 for Mining...Bad Plan?

So I'll be honest I grabbed the recent deal with mining in mind. I know I won't have much time to game, so can I realistically run it 24/7 for a few months to earn the money back?

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    You will blow up the GPU before you make your money back
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    Just go for it, game when you can, mine when you can
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    You are mad, get a refund


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    I started mining with my 3080 that I bought at launch a couple months back now, and with a single 3080 I get 0.1 ETH roughly every 3.5-4 weeks if it's left on 24/7. You also need to factor in your electricity costs, which for me was still worth doing, given it's also getting colder, it negates the need for a heater in my office which is something. Can pop your electricity costs and card config into for some idea.

    All depends on how you go with the silicon lottery, some just do better than others, like I got a Gigabyte card which has crappy thermal pads and require a swap for it to work efficiently. Just be sure to look up overclocking guides online (reddit is helpful) to get good settings for your card, takes some time to play around, but will make sure it's not overworking and keep the power consumption as low as possible for the mining as just using it at stock isn't ideal for mining.

    Buying just to mine, isn't smart IMHO, if you do actually game and need a new GPU, yeah probably fine. Ethereum mining will become obsolete soonish when they switch to proof of stake, so everyone jumping in right now with the price going mad.

    • Interesting, so you would get 1 ETH every 10 months or so?

      • Mining difficulty has spiked up alongside ETH prices, we're currently earning a bit less (in usd) than we were months ago.

        • Interesting, I had thought the price increase would mean you were technically getting more? But does it increase the number of miners therefore decrease the rewards?

          I'm only really wanting to mine and play HL Alyx

      • Yeah that's based on a roughly 90 MH/s hash rate which I get. The question now becomes when will Ethereum switch to proof of stake fully, cause when they do, mining Ethereum stops. I don't know if there's a date for the switch yet, but if you're looking to purely make your money back on your purchase, you may not get that

    • I have a 3080 and have been thinking about mining. Do you recommend? I can’t mine at work so I don’t get to leech electricity and internet…

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        If it's just sitting there doing nothing I don't see why not at the moment. As long as you're happy to spend some time doing the research into best overclocking values for your card (for me took a couple hours tinkering with things to get it where I'm happy).

        Also got to factor in your electricity costs, so at the end of the day you may make like $10 a day leaving it on all day.

        I happily leave mine running and still continue to do things on my computer. I just turn it off when I want to do anything GPU intensive like gaming.

    • Will you just switch over to another alt coin like vert? when Eth is no longer feasible? I've got my 5700 just chipping away a few fractions of an eth each day. Seems to bring in a little less than usd a day.

      • Maybe. Will need to see how feasible everything is. Once ETH mining is obsolete, all those miners will likely go somewhere else, so need to see how that will effect everything.

  • Should also be aware the 3080 in the R11 is a custom unit made for Dell by Nvidia, its not a standard 3080 in size for example.
    So not sure about its mining capabilities… it is though still a 3080

    I have a 3080 R11 and i can tell you …. leaving it running 24/7 is a bad idea

    • Thanks for this, so I may be better with the BudgetPC with the 3070 at $2k?

      • Definitely a better option - both in terms of upgradeability and cooling

        I'm using NiceHash for simplicity and I'm currently earning about $6 of BTC a day with my 3070; NiceHash has the option to auto-pause when the PC is in use so as soon as I fire up a game or whatever it's ready to go. At the current rate I should have the PC paid off in about 10 months, and it's whisper quiet under full GPU load.

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    try Vertcoin

  • You may as well mine on it while not using it for gaming to recover some costs, however the ROI on the R11 will be significantly longer than a cheaper built PC more optimized for mining, if you specifically intended to make a profit, get a refund.

  • Interesting, have just called to cancel order. Think the person saying about noise from Alienware swung me, got a kid and he he sleeps so lightly he wakes up when i turn the PS4 on.

    • Jesus, they make it difficult to cancel, they have just offered me the R12 model with 3080 for the same price…

      • did they offer the one with 16 or 32gb of ram?

        • 16gb

      • What did you explain to them for them to offer you the R12 instead?

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