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[NSW] LEGO Creator Expert Flower Bouquet 10280 $69, Bonsai Tree 10281 $69 Delivered @ Kmart (Online Only)


Seems like Kmart has restocked the Flower Bouquet and Bonsai Tree, I tried a few different postcodes but stocks only available in NSW. At the time of posting you can still place order if you are in NSW.

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  • Unfortunately we do not have your items in stock. Please try again later

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    My order went through. Received order placed receipt and payment went through. Thanks OP. I'm in NSW as well

    • Have you got any shipping information yet? I managed to make an order this morning but expecting it to be refunded like the last order I made through kmart.

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        i ordered yesterday and just shipped, I am in VIC, also seems like they have added stocks in VIC

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          Have you received it ?? I got the shipping information, but it hasnt progressed at all.
          Last I had the same thing, end up getting the order cancelled due to they didnt have any stock at all…

          • @gmeno: Yes i have received it yesterday, in perfect condition

            • @ozvictor: congrats ! hopefully I receive some update from auspost ..

              • @gmeno: I got my shipping info on Friday but it's still "being prepared" according to aus post tracking info. I'm half expecting to have to chase them down for a refund as there is actually no stock. I purchased mine in NSW BTW

                • @ninjanao: Yes, I am in the exact same situation as you. I am just going to wait for few more days before chase up with kmart.

                  • @gmeno: Hopefully we are just being paranoid and they are just a bit slow.

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                      @ninjanao: yea, definitely.. I will let you know if I get any updates from them.

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                      @ninjanao: Just checked auspost status, and the status changed !!!! Its now saying auspost got the item !!!!
                      Go and check auspost status, hope your status also changed !

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    Lol just got the same thing, my item has now been processed and on transit to the next facility. Yay looks like we might actually receive it.

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      Happy to report, mine has arrived just now :)

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        Congrats, got an email that mine was delivered as well, happy days ;)

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