Sub $500 Business Laptop Suggestions in 2021

Hi everyone, I need a laptop for business purpose only. No dedicated graphics needed. Long battery life, FHD 13" (or bigger) display, plenty of USB 3 ports, HDMI port will be much preferred and needed.

Any ideas? Brand new or good condition refurbished/second hand will be ideal.



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    Can you up your budget a bit?
    Can’t you claim this as a business expense or get your employer to buy this for you?
    If yes then get the best/most expensive you can possibly get.

    Otherwise Dell refurbs are the best bang for buck you can get in the absence of deals:
    Inspiron 15” under Home is $649+
    Latitude 13” under Work is $906+


      Thanks, I might claim this as a business expense, get a better one.

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    You might be able to find one 2nd hand at that price though you will need to find it yourself. However new doesn't exist.


      I know that's the reality.

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    You won't be able to find a laptop with a long battery life or a FHD panel, unless you buy one second hand/used.


      Yes, second hand normally has very short battery life.

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    What is the use of the laptop? Is it just some basic presentation requirements? Is it going to be used every day?

    I bought a $600 laptop for a staff member and that was not good enough for a every day use, it was only for meeting and presentations.

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      I might get a $1000 brand new PC or M1 Macbook Air instead.

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    Sounds like you need to do some research first by visiting Officeworks and/or HN and/or JB HiFi and/or Bing Lee etc to see what laptop features you want and the price as laptops under $500 are cheap for a reason and may not suit you for business use.


      Yes, I see, those sub-$500 new laptops mostly feel flimsy.

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    Bahahhahaha…. FB or ebay probs, g'luck.