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[PC] Steam - Command and Conquer Remastered Collection - US$7.99 (~A$10.83) (US setting+use of US address requ.) - Amazon US


Great price for this remastered Collection.

You need to change your Amazon settings to US and use a fake US address (preferably one without tax for digital purchases) to buy. You can pay by credit card.
Steam key can be redeemed as usual.


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    Great price but no Red Alert 2, thats the Biggy for me. But still price


      It is crazy it is missing. Anyone know what is the latest on it coming back out?

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        RA2 was never supposed to be part of this Remastered Collection; since its inception this re-release was only going to include Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert (and their expansions). Have a look at the NoClip mini-documentary for more background on the development process.

        RA2 runs on a whole different and far more complicated engine; Tiberian Dawn/RA run on the same engine and are effectively re-skinned versions of the same game, hence why doing them both made sense and was feasible in the short amount of time this project took (less than 2 years).

        Remastering RA2 (and Yuri's Revenge) would take a hell of a lot longer and we wouldn't have seen this collection being released in 2020 if that was the case.

        It's the same case for the HD/Definitive remasters of the AoE franchise, they didn't remaster the entire series in one go, they did it incrementally and there's a good chance EA will take a similar approach with remastering the rest of the C&C games, especially considering the success of the Remastered Collection.

        I'd rather have the opportunity to play at least the first two games now and wait for RA2 or Generals to be remastered than wait 5 years in total for them to remaster all of the hit C&C games in one giant re-release.

        Besides, RA2/Yuri's Revenge/Generals have aged much better, are much more playable and run much more easily in their original forms on modern hardware than the Tiberian Dawn/RA do. The older games really needed the most help.


    It's not as remastered as it should be


    Get the usual "We're sorry. Some items became unavailable after you added them to your cart. In some cases, you can return to the product information page to try another seller." out of stock message when going to cart.

    Happens a lot on Amazon US with digital games. They show as available, yet are "out of stock" when you go to the checkout yet they still continue to show up as available to purchase afterwards for days, weeks, months…

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    It's amazing how often I live in the 90210 zip code :)


    Love the remaster, it's a shame though they didn't do any real work on the original AI


    Currently $14.97 on steam au

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    It still feels good on my pentium 233 lol


    Fired this up yesterday with it being on Game Pass. Reliving the glory days, good times