Tangerine & Spintel NBN50

Has anyone tried Tangerine or Spintel NBN HFC over the last few months? It looks like they have picked up their game with customer service and now NBN50 does give 50Mbps evening speed.

Tangerine NBN50: $55 first 6 months and then $70
Spintel NBN50: $60 first 6 months and then $65

I might go Tangerine 6 months and then churn to Spintel or go straight to Spintel if Tangerine is not good.

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    I’ve been on Tangerine for almost a year now and have had no complaints. Yes, not very ozb to stay, but I’d rather pay for a service I’m happy with than move and risk something worse.

    I also contacted their customer service when I signed up regarding a byo router and they were excellent with helping, even though it wasn’t one of their routers.

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    Just churned to Tangerine after 6 months on Superloop.

    After about a week everything seems fine.

    I'm not one to require a lot of customer service with an ISP though, so perhaps other people's experience might give more weight.

    Price vs. performance though, I'm happy enough.

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    Been with tangerine for years and have been fine for me

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    As others have previously said, change your ISP every 6 months for the discounts. I've been with Aussie BB, Tangerine and Optus. No issues with any. I'd say tangerine my favourite because they have whatsapp for customer service, very quick responses.

  • Thanks everyone. Will go with Tangerine first 6 months then churn to Spintel for their cheaper normal rate.

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      When you do churn to spintel, go through whistle out, they have a exclusive on at the time of commenting (check if its still available), it's going for $55 pm for the first 6 months

      • Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I actually went through WhistleOut and finally got NBN connected yesterday with Tangerine for $55 first 6 months. Everything is running smoothly so far so good. Will be churning to Superloop or Spintel after 6 months depending on who has better deals

  • FYi tangerine has a 10% off discount running the last time I saw. Look it up.

    Or you can use a referral

  • I've found Exetel is also quiet good for a budget deal currently $50 a month (50/20) for first 6 months then $79.

    Customer service is good with max speeds maybe a little lacking i.e. 44/45mbps on the 50 plan. Another little annoyance is they still require a login for the router which most other providers don't bother with

  • Hi, currently on an old promo with Tangerine XL SPEED BOOST (was $59.90 for 6 months, now $69.90 per month)
    Does anyone know if I can apply for the new XL SPEED BOOST promo for $54.90/month for 6 months, being an existing customer? I got an email about upgrading speeds but 50/20 is enough.
    Happy with the service and have had a few referral discounts that help for OzBargain members.


    • Talk to their retention team and see if they want to keep you and restart the promo pricing. It seems like some RSP do and some don't. That's why there are so many people churning every 6 months. Now I heard that they have a 1 year rule where you can't sign up as a new customer within 12 months.

      • Thanks, will get on their online chat. Would be easier and better for them to do it.
        $55 ish per month (first 6) still seems like the best deal for 50/20 speeds for now?
        I usually do the same, but end up forgetting about it and may churn over every 12 months or so.
        Tangerine seems reasonable after the first 6 months as well as a couple of $25 referral bonuses.

      • there are no 1 years rules, I leave 6 months ago and jump to super loop then now back to Tangerine.

        Tangerine is not very good to the referrer as I always need to chat with CS to get the $25 apply but there are at least 4 referrals within 6 months so it is sweat for $100 off.

        • Just chatting with them now

          If the system detects that the connection will be for the same address and same account number discount will not be apply still

          • @G-rig: I think the account number won't be the same. I have a different account number every time I connect and it has already been the third time.

            Try to use different person name (i.e. different people's name in the house), different email, mobile etc.

            • @SnoozeAndLose: would still need to churn out then do as you say the next time then?
              No other names at this address.

              • @G-rig: yes, i think you need to churn out, try a different provider as there are many other NBNs out there for you to try out. the downtime should be few hours so it is not a big deal.

                did you ask if they can extend your discount past 6 months?

                • @SnoozeAndLose: Yeah have used a few different providers in the past will have another look perhaps.

                  They said I couldn't

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                    @G-rig: I read that the RSPs can recoup the discount by signing up new customers only. They could not do that from existing customers.

                    What you could do is have a list of 2 or 3 RSPs and just churn every 6 month between them. Just make sure you know their individual router settings to churn smoothly. I am planning on Tangerine/Spintel/Superloop as they have the lowest normal NBN50 pricings with decent customer service.

                    • @DarkOz: Good plan cheers

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                      @DarkOz: Signed up to superloop Saturday night, the church happened instantly and all working with same router settings (HFC).. pretty good!

                      Forgot to request a referral code but hopefully can apply later if I request. Have registered on the referrals on here anyway.


                      • @G-rig: That’s good stuff. Unfortunately for me there is another indefinite delay to new HFC connections by NBN Co with their scheduler. So I have to keep using my 4G connection for a while longer. Not making it easy for me to save $20/m.

                        • @DarkOz: Always a drama… but easy once you got HFC on.

  • Just a quick q, did people manage to apply a unique referral bonus to the initial sign up, in addition for the 10% off for first 6 months?
    I forgot about it was hoping to apply one now, i've also registered mine in the referral section on here.

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