Resident Evil Village PC No Internet

I haven't bought a PC game from a physical retail store for 5-10 years. Are they all just plastic cases with redeem comes inside?

I want to buy Resident Evil Village on PC but i'm waiting on my NBN to be installed in June. Any suggestions? Buy a cheap sim card that comes with a lot of data?

I just checked and only 25GB download. I was expecting more than 50GB for this game.



    Is there even a physical release of the game?
    It used to be several discs included to install the game, then it was reduced to one, then it was just the download code.
    Now it seems most don't bother with a physical release and just go straight to digital platforms.
    Either way, probably a sim sign-up offer with 25GB+ data is the way to go for the download

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    Take your PC to a friends house if they have unlimited internet, might be quicker than ordering a SIM too.

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    RE Village is PC download code only. as others have said, do you have a friend that will allow you do download, I know it can be a pain chugging around a a large PC, but if your on a laptop its easy as. Also im sure you can find a cheap sim that has 25gig as well. Or do you have a group of friends/family that would allow you to use say 5 gig of their monthly allowance and just hotspot a few gig each for your download.