You're Cooking a Pot of Pasta and You Spot a Fly in The Water. Do You…

You don’t know where it came from or how it got here. What would you do?

See the poll options below.

Poll Options

  • 17
    Eat the pasta with the fly. Extra protein.
  • 395
    Remove the fly and boil the pasta for an extra minute.
  • 11
    Drain the top of the water, continue boiling the pasta.
  • 43
    Drain all of the water, rinse pasta, add fresh water and reboil the pasta.
  • 61
    Discard all contents, start anew.
  • 4
    Discard pot and all it’s contents.
  • 80
    Discard kitchen and all it’s contents.


        • +1

          OK 'amps' and Petri dish, if you ladies are going to 'scrag on' again I fully encourage that, for the entertainment of the masses … but this time can we establish a few ground rules first?

          • -3

            @GnarlyKnuckles: a fly in my soup joke is a joke, being personally attacked and stalked for a wisecrack is out off order.

            • @petry: And I'm attacked yet again. You read too much fake news.

  • Reminds me of the time I just finished cooking a large bowl of rice. I had just taken it off the stove and finished rinsing it under cold tap water in a collander.

    I turn around and a fly had landed in there! I smushed it in the rice and threw the whole thing out in disgust.

    I ate tuna that night, no chance of unwanted insects in canned food.

    • +3

      I had just taken it off the stove and finished rinsing it under cold tap water in a collander.

      Not sure if this is a joke. :S

    • I'd rather unwanted fly than unwanted dolphin in my food.

      • +1

        What's wrong with dolphin? It's a fatty mammal, probably tastes like wagyu beef

  • I say you take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

  • +1

    No Bikies option…?

  • +2

    Carefully remove the pasta to not break apart the fly, then proceed to cook and eat the fly.

  • it just boils down to the cost of a bag of pasta VS you emptying your tummy endlessly in the loo.
    FFS put a lid when you cook if you live next to the tip, even half a lid is better than no lid. What an unintelligent fly.

  • Soak the packet pasta hours in advance so you don't have to worry about cooking the fly

  • You don’t know what else is in there. Order pizza instead.

  • +2

    I’ve actually had this dilemma…. except it was a delicious soup I’d been brewing for hours and suddenly a massive moth flew in and disintegrated upon landing. Was so upset, definitely wasn’t going to eat.

    • Yeah if it's a fkn fat blowfly then you bet i'd be throwing that out lolol

      edit - oh lord i re-read and you got a suicidal moth RIP

  • You Spot a Fly in The Water

    Knockdown and rebuild home. Your kitchen is compromised as flies have access to it.


    If it’s pasta for 1-2 people and by water you meant water for boiling pasta, i’d start over. If thats huge batch of pasta where you are boiling about 10l of water i’d remove the fly and continue on.

  • Fly could be full of maggots, throw out pasta start again.

    • the fly was a maggot …

      • aint it ok to eat maggots?
        cook it to death

        bear grylls ate it raw

  • sprinkle some pepper to season

  • Here's the Islamic ruling.
    "Prophet PBUH mentioned in a hadith from Abu Hurairah RA, where the Prophet PBUH said:

    “When a fly falls in the drink of one of you, he should fully dip it and then throw it away because there is a disease in one of its wings and cure in the other.”

    Sahih al-Bukhari (3320)"

  • Remove fly.
    Learn from experience; put lid on.
    Move on; don't dwell on the pasta.

  • If it's spider forget pasta .. otherwise common it's just a fly

  • What you have given us is a best case scenario. What happened to me was finding out after a few bites into the food.

  • Extra protein

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