Because everything in America is so ridiculously cheap compared to here in Australia I have been looking around for some alternate to the killer shipping prices… and i think i may have found one. (sorry, it doesn't seem to want to link) I've googled it for reviews, but i thought hearing from someone on here, you get the honest truth, not the selected reviews posted on the site. So I'm just wondering if there any users here?… and if there are. Is it good? Is it worth it? Is it expensive? I would love all feedback :)
Thank you!


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    i joined via the Amex promotion, the customer service is great. I have not used them to send anything yet. hope this helps.


    Also joined via the AMEX promotion. Placed one order with multiple items aggregated from various vendors over in the US. Very good pricing, especially with the 30% AMEX shipping discount. Super fast and well priced shipping. Very happy with them overall.


      Can u share some insight on how to use it? I know we can look it up but if you can type some easy process in 3 mins that will save us lots of time =)

      I want to explore shipping options from US too.


        Sure (this is a very brief, high level overview).

        1. When you sign up on, they give you a suite number and address to use.

        2. Visit the websites for products which you wish to buy, checkout and pay for the items and specify the above address as the shipping address. You can do this for multiple websites, and myUS hold all received items for a period of time without any additional fees (this may be specific to the AMEX promotion).

        3. As the items arrive, myUS will show them to you via the web interface.

        4. Once you're all happy, myUS can consolidate all the received items, and then give you a choice of shipping options.

        A number of US provides offer free domestic shipping options, so it normally works out quite well.

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    IMO you should becareful about these shipping people. If you use, the shipping to australia is actually very competitive. I made the mistake of using a sister site (I THINK) of Customer service is all good until you have a complain to made. Then they just ignore all your emails.

    Basically, I had a special discount from them and overall, I ordered a lot of stuff from amazon, thinkgeek etc and had it shipped for very cheap to their warehouse. All the items arrived at seperate times. I asked them all to consolidate all the packages into one to save me some money and because the original packer said it was "uncondensable", the customer service person gave me the same answer. if it says so, it is so.

    Since they had all my packages, I didn't have a choice but to get it sent. I ended up paying over $100 in delivery charges ($50 more than getting it sent individually), even after their discount)and it took weeks longer. My blood was boiling when i received my package. It was over 50% air and they hadn't even bothered to try and condense my package (and it was non-fragile products like t-shirts). Google it over whirlpool and you'll find a lot of negative feedback.

    My two cents: Don't use forward mail unless your original seller doesn't send it out of the US. As someone said, you're adding a middle man, and despite what they claim about condensing your parcels, you'll probably end up spending more. Hope you had more luck than me :)


    Have used Shipito (once) & found this service pretty ordinary. When goods arrive they are supposed to email you. The goods were shipped by the vendor & I waited over 1 week for an email from Shipito. I had tracked the parcel & seen who signed for it, what date & time & where it was dropped off (Shipito loading bay). When I contacted Shipito they asked me to submit a claim for lost goods. I did this & less than 1/2 a day later they contacted me to state they had found goods. I should think so considering I tracked the goods to their warehouse. Anyway the whole deal took approximately 3 weeks with postage over $AU70 killing this company for me (it was 2 pairs of skate sneakers for my grandson).

    As Doey21 stated above Amazon are great. I have ordered with them 1 week & had delivery the next week. They are very fast & postage is reasonable. The only downside is probably what you are experiencing in that some items can't be shipped internationally hence the necessity of using a freight forwarder.

    I have looked into other freight forwarders but most if not all want an annual/monthly account fee.

    BTW Shipito is not registered with the American Better Business Bureau (it isn't compulsory but would give one a feeling of security).

    Good luck kocotunga


    used oversize box and then used enhanced dimensions to come up with inflated DIM and overcharged $30.

    Sent complaint, no reply


    A company called A2 Global Shipping consolidates shipment in their warehouse in the US and sends it internationally. If you don't have a credit card to make the purchase in Amazon, ebay, etc., you can open an A2 Global Shipping Visa card by depositing funds to it via your local bank.


    I am an amex member and have used for a couple of years now, and have always found their service to be great! Many amazon suppliers will not ship to Australia, and some online shops such as Newegg will not accept non-US credit cards or even non-US Paypal membership. has a personal shopper service for those occasions, when they will use their credit card to purchase the item for you. Yes, there is a cost for this service, but sometimes there is no other way. is great. If there are problems, they will return stuff for you as well. If the shipping description does not match the item you actually ordered, they will open the package for you in order to verify the model number etc. before forwarding the package to Australia.
    They are truly great, and the critics can be safely ignored. There are a lot of false reviews on the internet.


      Yours is particularly effusive review, and either genuinely true - or somehow otherwise related to the fact that you just signed up to OzBargain 10 minutes before posting it.
      Others wishing to use this particular ship-forwarder can make their own judgement about whether you deserve the benefit of the doubt, or not.


    I signed up 10 minutes before posting after seeing the forum for the very first time.
    My review is genuinely true. Others can make up their mind about people such as yourself.


      What a silly last sentence. I was simply, justifiably, pointing out the possibility that your comment was dubious in its motivation.
      There are quite regular instances of sockpuppeting on OzBargain and other sites where people sign-up and then immediately talk-up deals or services that they have a vested interest in, or association with.
      Maybe you're an exception, maybe not. Either way, people deserved the heads-up.


    The sentence is no sillier than the first in your previous post.What is wrong with someone seeing a forum for the first time,and signing up in order to be able to comment upon an item of interest?Richard Nixon was paranoid,but they got him in the end.Sadat was paranoid too.Lighten up.I am Bambooculm on Stumbleupon, and my reviews can be seen on items on Amazon, and I was savaged on Coffeegeek for defending the Breville BES 860. Reviews of the Breville BES860 on Seattlecoffeegear and Amazon have proven my judgement to be correct.
    I am no stranger to internet forums,and recently discovered this forum. Most internet forums have bullies unfortunately. I am accepted by the people who matter in my life,and do not care about your suspicions.
    Others can form their own judgement about your suspicions. What a welcome, to be tasered by Tas.
    Are all newcomers welcomed in this way?


      There was nothing in my first post that was in any way silly - but you have taken the the proverbial cake by responding to my last one in the way that you have.

      There was nothing that was in any way 'unwelcoming' in anything that I have written. I posted a straightforward and appropriate caution to other OzBargain members, relating to the possible motivations of a newly signed-up member.

      Didn't have the slightest interest in Googling a username that could have been lifted from anywhere.

      I often have strong opinions, and express them forcefully - but I would never post a review on a service where I disgracefully suggest that all the bad reviews of said service can be be 'safely ignored' - as if my experience with said service was the only one that was legit, and the only one that mattered.
      I will, however, be 'safely ignoring' anything further that you see fit to add to this particular thread.


        For the benefit of forum bullies, will the forum moderator if one exists explain that my ip address shows that I am in Sydney NSW Australia, not Florida USA. The forum users flyingtrapeze and Realmholder gave positive reviews of, as I did, two comments were off topic, and there was one vague criticism. I have actually used as a customer, as have the others with positive reviews. If Tas is genuine, why did he not assert his suspicions about the other positive comments about I am unable to see all the bad reviews in this thread.
        I am able to see that I have been savaged for a positive review by an internet forum bully.


          Bring out the popcorn.

          This is a non-issue - how can you fault Tas for pointing out that you are new to ozbargain forums and chances are you are sockpuppeting?

          To put it simply, Tas just wisely reminded us (fellow ozbargainers) to take your 'review' with a grain of salt.

          I like first-hand reccounts of personal experience (which coincidently is leaning to the negative side), and not an advertisement spill about what they CAN do right.



          What part of 'have used for a couple of years now" don't you understand?
          It is a first-hand account of my personal experience. Other reviews in this post were from first time reviewers as well. My experience with them has been good, and I am not the only one. Most of the stuff I have bought from Amazon in the past has come to me via I normally wait until a number of small orders have arrived, and they consolidate them into one parcel. At the moment, Amazon are sending stuff to Australia postage free if you use an Australian amex card and the purchase is $100 or more. My reviews can be seen on Amazon.


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    i use shipito. they offer the really cheap postage with insurance that is heaps slow. ive used them about 4 times and everything has come. enter the dimensions and weight estimates on their site and it gives you the postage price alternatives (about 8 quotes with different postage companies) - and ive found it the same as what they invoice me - quite accurate.


    I have had a membership with for over two years now and have stopped using them. Lately, I notice that they have started using bigger sized boxes and the dimensions are all over the place. YES, I have been getting a lot of bargains on US shopping websites, however, I have been paying over $100 for postage when I order a few clothing items which to me, is incredibly expensive. Then, when the clothing items dont fit and you need to return them back to USA via freepost, they charge you for onforwarding a freepost item! I will not use them again as the so called 'bargains' I thought I was getting, were actually costing me a fortune when I considered the postage and inconvenience of sending stuff back to the USA!! There are more and more reputable aussie online websites that offer incredible value and I am sticking to these from now on. Good luck shoppers and research before buying anything from the USA :))


    I have used MyUS (or Access USA) several times. Users need to be wary that there service is inconsistent and they do not accept responsibility for their mistakes and illogical processes. This can end up costing you much more money than you might think. I have used other shippers and I suggest readers also look at alternatives before using this particular outfit.


    that is good to know. if the is a ripoff then for all the discounts in the world that AMEX throws in, it will still be a ripoff.


    I'm not sure about the other forwarders, but I've used MyUS a number of times and customer service is pretty good and forwarding isn't THAT expensive, ~15kg with consolidation $100-150?

    The last few reviews about ripoffs and bad service funnily enough are from posters with 1 comment only, possible negative sockpuppeting, which bambooculm was ironically hung for.


    I have used once and will never use again. Used them to forward on a 28ml perfume bottle, for reasons I do not understand they repackaged this into a 30cm X 30cm X 16 cm (near 15 liter box) to send to Australia when it already arrived to them very well boxed and packaged. Cost nearly $100 in postage and handling. Was in complete disbelief when massive box arrived containing a tiny tiny bottle, their only explanation was they did not have a smaller box!!!!?????


    I just got a bit stung by them. Signed up with the amex promotion. They don't let you easily work out the shipping costs (just an estimate). I had the default setting set to cheapest option. With the Amex promotion you get 30% off shipping for DHL, Fedex and UPS. But when they calculate the "cheapest" they don't include the 30% discount. And suddenly I am shipping with their own "special" service that was 1 dollar less then the full DHL price but 25 dollars more than the 30% DHL.

    So if you are going to use it just be very careful about the shipping options. It is easy to end up paying more than you want. Not sure how they can justify calculating the cheapest option without applying the discounts first!


    Full Disclosure: I work for

    A couple people have mentioned the use of boxes that are too big. I have no idea if those were isolated incidents or a recurring theme; I will give MyUS the benefit of the doubt and assume they were accidents - which is very possible.

    But I do want to bring attention to the problem because it can be something you may run into at other package forwarders and there can be some serious implications.

    Most users may dismiss over-sized packaging as employees being lazy, not caring, or making poor judgments (and that is possible some of the time). However, the danger is when it is done intentionally and often.

    Almost all package forwarding companies do charge the customer more for the postage (usually a percentage of the total postage) than they pay. This postage "hike" is intended to cover costs and make a little (or big) profit. The danger is if the forwarder is intentionally using larger boxes to increase the base postage cost which results in a slightly higher profit.

    If you find consistent complaints about a company using packaging that is too large, make sure to proceed with caution, it may be something to pay attention to.


    just realised that the AMEX promotion is only good for 3 years. Just got charged USD$60 via AMEX. Very unhappy. I have written to them to dispute it. I am not sure if I can complain to AMEX about it. I should at least make the call in case there is a 30 day limit to disputing a charge or something.

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    The short answer re: shipping - just don't do it, unbelievably expensive.

    Firstly importing from United States to Australia in 2016 has now in most cases become a totally non-viable exercise for Australians, unless your targeted item is significantly lower than AUS price, and I'm talking at least 40% lower (get your currency converter up on internet and compare with the best price in AUS) and the shipping needs to be at the very least 50% off.

    Remember US$ has to be multiplied by 1.4 (as of Jan 2016) to give the real AUS$ price we will be charged for our treasured purchases, and unless you absolutely have to have it, and the product in question is not available in AUS, then just don't do it.

    Here's my experience details for 3 x items shipped in Jan 2016 - payments vs Item purchase prices

    Items Myus payments
    Bedding …..$22.99 M’ship set up………..$20
    Headphones…..$22.99 Monthly fee x 2 ……$14
    Chromecast ….$24.99 Shipping Cost ……..$96.04
    Total $70.97 Total $130.04
    AUS $103.91 AUS $190.32

    Grand total AU$261.29 for 3 items = average price per item AU$87.09 each
    Please note: Best Chromecast price in Australia is $50 so already $37.09 over price on that one. In actual fact I lost out on every item purchased.

    nuff said?