IT Career Suggestions (Information Technology)

I am looking to build career in IT ( software engineer, etc).

What is the good career path for it?
And what is the important thing to be succeed?


  • can do attitude
  • networking skill / communication skill
  • up to date with latest technologies
  • people skill / managerial skill


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    • Be lucky.

    It's a high supply career that's constantly being off-shored.

    Look at software engineer job listings and see exactly what they ask for.

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    There's a million different things you can do in IT. Eg software developer, Web developer, business analyst, systems analyst, database admin, project management, solutions architect, list goes on. If you know what you want to do we can suggest a career path.

    But the basics will be: get a degree in computer science or IT with a major in something that you're interested in. Get a graduate role after uni. Do side projects in things you're interested in. Work hard at the part of the job you enjoy. Do courses paid for by work or off your own bat in things you're interested in doing. Do more side projects. Get new jobs that focus on the parts of the graduate job you enjoyed. Branch out a bit in the new job to see what else is interesting. Do more side projects. Get new job in the parts you found interesting. Etc.

    The most important parts to succeed depend on what you want to do. Eg project manager or business analyst will need a lot of people skills. Software developer will need a lot of initiative and be keen to learn on their own (independent rather than waiting to be told what to do)

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    Cyber security is good. Probably have to start in a SOC but onwards and upwards from there.


      I work in the field, I'd say that the majority of entry level jobs are at big consultancies who like cheap grads to sell to clients and do all the grunt work. The SOC roles are the ones at most risk of being off-shored from what I have seen recently. The consultancies also tend to invest a lot more in training (I've worked for two large consultancies and a couple of smaller ones) than internal roles at companies, so are a very good place to start a career in the field.

      But in terms of IT roles cyber security is definitely a good path to take, the biggest issue to entering the field though is there is a huge amount of interest at the junior levels in terms of applicants, but not a huge number of junior level jobs.

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    And what is the important thing to be succeed?

    In your journey.

    • Desire to learn, explore, not afraid to make (non fatal) mistakes
    • Don't ignore office politics
    • Don't argue with a know-it-all (it's not OzB forums!) especially in same rank or higher up.
    • Contribute to the team/collective it is not always about you.
    • Look for opportunities to improve the business, but get buy in first. You don't want to be perceive as a smart-ass, especially when you are low on the totem pole.
    • Have a mentor that is willing to give you guidance, it should be a lot easier than your own trial and error.

    and Luck as @hybroid mentioned.


    The world's your oyester if you're a competent software engineer with good communication skills. Depends on your area of interest.

    If you know how to write code for iOS apps, you won't be unemployed for a long time (even if you're not that competent)


    Cyber security and robot automation and cloud computing at moment. Who knows in 10 years

    • Have thick skin
    • If you need help with something, please go to your mentor with the issue AND your thoughts on how to solve it rather than hey dude I'm stuck, what should I do.

    If networking is important then learn how to smoke/vape and able to down plenty of caffeine. Networking was far easier before I quit smoking and drinking stupid amount of coffee.


      Haha good one.

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    First do more research and networking to find out what you want to do in IT before proceeding as you post does not indicate which area you want to get into in S/W dev or S/W testing or S/W support or S/W dvops or .. or .. or ..


    For software development it's definitely Open source contributions. I will hire high school graduates with track record and contribution to some open source project over someone with Master in IT.

    There are plenty of projects with open issues in github. You can learn a lot from looking at other people's code.