[PC, Steam] Free Game - Keyboard Killers @ Steam


Been free before on Indiegala. Now free on Steam.

Grab Keyboard Killers For Free For a Limited Time!
Hello, We decided to make our 2nd released on Steam game 100% free for a limited time.

Keyboard Killers is not simple keyboard clicker game. In which you should kill meteors to save your starship and your friend dragon.

  • 28 different levels
  • 4 difficulty level
  • Each level has its own cool rock song
  • Create your own music on the special level with 22 various sounds

Playing for a long time you can learn to type blindly (or you can kill your keyboard)

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  • +4 votes

    Protonwar has also gone free.

    Currently costs $12.87 on Humble Bundle.


    F2P but can't add to library to download at a later date - is my understanding correct? Not in front on my laptop to test

    You need to have the Steam desktop application installed before you can install and launch Keyboard Killers.

    • +3 votes

      No. Log into your Steam account, click "Play Game" then cancel the install. This will add the game to your Steam library so you can install at a later time.


    It turns out I already had the game in my library when I went to claim today lol


    another freebie game that has made it on steam for those interested