Salomon Men’s Outline GTX Hiking Shoes $129.99 + Delivery ($122.99 Delivered with Kogan First) @ Kogan


My partner swears by these shoes and was in the market for another pair.

They are marketed as hiking shoes but are quite streamlined and he wears them day to day for walking and to the gym.

$129.99 + Delivery, or sign up for Kogan First to get them $122.99 Delivered.

RRP is $249.99, cheapest I have previously seen them come down to is $150, so this seems like a good deal.

All sizes 7 to 12 UK available at time of posting.

Other Salomon styles also available on the website.

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    They are generally quite a bit narrow so if you're a wider foot, I would not. I learned this the hard way. Felt fine in store. About 20 mins in to my first rainforest walk with them and oh boy, here comes the pain.

    Expensive way to learn you need to look for "wide" versions of shoes :-)


      Thanks for that, I look for wider footwear. What did you end up finding suitable?


        Still looking. I was after something with very high grip and that, coupled with the wide requirement narrows the field significantly.

        There are a few salomon wide fit shoes - just not a lot in stock right now.


      Try North Face. Always found them very comfy. My last two pairs both cost less than $30, and one of them is GTX. Got one from Amazon and one from Anaconda clearance table.

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      Agreed. I usually used Hi-Tec which I find better for wider feet and experience similar experience with Salomon


    Beware the Kogan website is a bit crap regarding stock on hand - the last two pairs of well priced shoes i ordered were cancelled because they had no stock.