Samsung Flagship Price Changes over Time

I have a great price protection policy with my latitude credit card, which got me wondering how Samsung flagship phone prices change over the first year of sale.

My thinking is I could buy a new Galaxy S21+ 5G now for $1,549 today and then use my price protection policy in 12 months to be reimbursed the difference in price.

My question is, what can I expect the price of this phone to be in a year's time? Has anyone done analysis on how these phones (e.g. Previous models) change in price over time? Are you aware of any resources that would help?




    Just check camelcamelcamel


      Or price hipster


    Can only say from anecdotal evidence that an s21+ would be about $1000 a year from now in a best case scenario.

    I get my Samsungs when they first release for half price and use the same latitude card on the purchase anyways mainly for the insurance in case I damage the phone, but even then I've never had a situation where it came anywhere near half the rrp price after a year.


      What do you mean you get them half price but brand new? How are you managing that?


        one of the 'portals'. e.g. education or telstra employees