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I am thinking of changing university courses, and I am stuck at early steps deciding between different jobs.

I enjoy some jobs but there's no use perusing a field if jobs are limited or if salaries are terrible. Therefore I tried to do some research and I found these two websites that seemed reliable:

I was wondering if there are any other websites or better websites where I can look up the mean salary in a certain field?


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    Working in a particular field, just because of money, is very short term.

    I've swapped career path from a very well paid one, to one that is not. I hated my last job. I now enjoy going to work.

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      I forgot to address this. So I'm not going to be looking at a list of jobs and picking the highest earning ones. I am essentially deciding from a few allied health professions. At the moment I am considering Dietetics and Occupational Therapy.

      I will not be deciding based on salary, but it's always good to know that I won't be doing a Masters degree and earning $20/hour.

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        I'd still take $20 an hour if I enjoy what I do than $40 doing something I hate 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year.

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          Okay thanks for the advice but I feel like we're just going around in circles.

          You're assuming two polar opposites: you love the $20/hr job and hate the $40/hr one. If I am consider dietetics and OT, then rest assured that I enjoy them or am at least interested in them.

          I'm just trying to figure out what job prospects and salaries are for these two jobs.

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            @Runite Oar: I’m the CEO of a small Early Childhood Intervention provider (NFP). According to this Seek article OT is the 9th hardest profession to recruit for in Victoria (similar in other states). Speechies are 5th. I can tell you it’s true as we find both roles incredibly hard to recruit. This is mainly due to the NDIS and more demand for therapists than are available.

            As regards pay scales for us the starting point is award. We pay against the HAPSSA

            We also undertook some benchmarking recently using a few different methods which I’m happy to share with you if you like. PM me if you want some info.



              According to this Seek article OT is the 9th hardest profession to recruit for in Victoria (similar in other states). Speechies are 5th. I can tell you it’s true as we find both roles incredibly hard to recruit. This is mainly due to the NDIS and more demand for therapists than are available.

              Harder to recruit means that the job is in higher demand, correct? There is greater demand compared to supply? So I assume OT and speech therapist would find it easier to get a job in Victoria than the average job.

              Thanks a lot for the help!


                @Runite Oar: Yes that’s right. Supply is much lower than the demand so you’d have no issues finding employment.


                  @gidxg03: Thanks actually very helpful information. Thank you so much.

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        You can find out what public sector allied health earn pretty easily. Public sector tend to (but not always) earn a bit more than private (working for someone else), NGO or aged care sectors. From memory VIC pays less than the other states unfortunately. Some links:

        This last link I can comment on most since that’s my pay scale in QLD. You start on HP3.1 when you first graduate. Most people work somewhere between HP3-5. I’ve worked in a few states and it only took me a couple of year to get to the HP4/5 level.

        I’m not on the pulse re the disability sector since NDIS, but there’s heaps of jobs. I also get texted/emailed lots of aged care locum ads that mention rates at about $50-70/hr.

        There’s also the option of starting your own practice - but you’ll really work for your money with all the admin, marketing, business management etc.

        My understanding is that more dieticians work privately than OTs and that it’s more competitive for good jobs than for OT - but could easily be wrong on this.

        Good luck with your search/decision and feel free to PM me I’d have any allied health career questions. I’ve been down this path with a masters myself.


          Public sector earn more than private, LOL


            @scrambledeggs: Do you know otherwise? Happy to be corrected

            I mean as an employee of a private company not the owner. Public sector isn’t trying to profit, just deliver services, private sector has to profit and compete with and/or make money out of the public sector (making money out of the public sector is big bigness in private healthcare)

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            @scrambledeggs: I work at a university at the moment, same salaries but a 17% super. Plus they have set 3% pay rises built in. The past couple of years in private industry a lot of wages have stagnated (the only way up was through promotions.

            Large companies are all moving to banded pay scales, because there was always a handful of people on ridiculous salaries doing no work, or people doing way too much work and being underpaid (and they leave once they figure that out). They're not much different to public institutes anymore, only they either keep wages as low as possible or overwork their employees to get more gains out of them.


              @freefall101: Are you working as an academic or professional staff? I'm an engineering academic but always wondering what life in the private sector compares to academia.


          Thank you so much for the help, especially for the links. I'll definitely shoot you a PM right now!


        This year, I started a Masters degree, and as a result, started earning $21 per hour.

        From a wage perspective, it kind of sucks, but lucky I have spent the past 20 years working and made some good investment choices.

        Why am I doing it? For passion and fun, rather than the money because one day we will leave this world behind, and we will never ever regret working too hard or working in a job we didn't enjoy.


    Glassdoor has Salaries that are self reported. Might help


    Worth looking at the EBA for a hospital you plan on working at, or the union agreement or something. Usually easy to find online.

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    do a poll on ozbargain, however don't really need cause everyone earns above 200k in every profession

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    Chasing money… already you are a slave to the system.


      Being money conscious isn't chasing money. Nobody should have to tell you that.

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        Money is a tool… Like a hammer, it can be used to destroy or build.
        Having no tools means you're at the mercy of your environment. Having most of the tools means you participate in a system that benefits you at the expense of others. Balance is key. Yet the latter is preferential than the former, when speaking on the individual scale.


      Can't buy bargains if I have no money :(


    Allows you to paste in a Seek link that gives you an estimated range of what the role could be paying.