Versatile air fryer/oven style recommendations 2021 (under $120).

Looking for a oven style/shape air fryer with multi function cooking settings. I've never used a air fryer before.
Any feedback, recommendations, pros & cons would be great & helpful for others as well.
Mainly looking to do the following for 1 person cooking, mostly prepacked/frozen food, for now.

  • Cook/Air fry (chips/frozen roast vegs). Prefer a rotating/rotary cage for the best all around/even air frying.
  • Bake/Roast (frozen & homemade pizza/desserts/pies/sausage rolls/hash browns/kievs, etc).
  • Grill (naan bread/toast/meat/cheese toasties/garlic bread, etc).
  • Steam (peas/corn) & Defrost ability would be a big bonus. And also not too much of a hassle to clean would be good.

Something like the Kogan 12L 1800W Digital air fryer oven for $99.99 (
But the unique Kogan 12L Rotary Air fryer ( for $69 with it's similar versatility seems good too.

Size wise & capacity not too big, maybe around 8-12L as a guess?, or should I go with something smaller?
I don't have a microwave (yet), but have access to one, living in a small accommodation room, so something compact and as versatile as possible.

So what brands & models would you recommend for around $80 - $120?, with shipping or eBay +/Kogan 1st or VIC pick up.
Looking on here most brands/options that come up the most are;

Looking for something real soon, any deals that I have missed?, apart from the Kogan & Aldi.
I have a $50 Westfield, $30 Kmart & $50 eBay gift vouchers that could come in handy, as well as Cash Rewards, Shopback & Costco.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance.


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    I have the Kmart 3 in 1 that we are very happy with.

    The chip tumbler is great same with the tiered shelfs over the Aldi style the we used to have.

    The rotisserie only fit a small roast not big enough for our family but would be fine for a couple.

    The inside is starting to get some surface rust from salt used for crackling that could have been prevented if cleaned properly after use.

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    Have a look @ $139
    Includes: 1 x air fryer; 1 x basket, 1 x rotisserie kit, 1 x rotisserie remover, 1 x drip tray

    or FAFDM


      Thanks, River's selling air fryers, odd.

      The Sunbeam option is out of my price range sadly.

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    Try Healthy Choice . It has revolving tank and that comes very handy. It cost under $100


      Does the tank work well for turning chips or do you have to take it out and give it a shake mid cook? lol. Are we still doing phrasing?

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    THE TANK keep rotating all the way…same with chicken, it keeps rotating….The best feature. The food is cooked perfectly from all sides


    The current gift cards deal from CR could be handy, for eBay, HN, Kogan (
    Love to hear more options, good and bad. I've never used a air fryer before.
    Anyone that have used a few brands/models and can compare?


    Just an update.
    Thanks for the comments.

    I ended up getting the Kogan 12L 1800W Digital Air Fryer Oven, due it being $29 cheaper and free shipping (used Kogan 1st trial).
    It came down this or K-mart model.

    What do people use as a heat resistant mat underneath?, as the manual states using one on countertops, that's not expensive (under $15).
    Size wise around 30cm W/D.

    I've looked on eBay and see some silicone options around $13 price mark.
    In a rush to get one, so I can start using it.


      use a piece or two of wood?


    I only have 1 small area to put this on, table top is 42x42cm.
    I live in a small accommodation room.

    I've looked in K-Mart, Target & Big W, no luck for the size I need (27x23cm), apart from wood chopping boards.
    Also checked out a few cheap dollar shops, no luck yet, still looking. Might give Bunnings a go.