What Is a Good Minimum Size Car Spot?

Looking at secured apartment car spots, I am wondering what would be considered a good minimum size of a car spot?

It seems like newer apartments tend to have them smaller.

Before I get some —

How did it feel when you tried to park your car there?

I don't have a car (yet), and will be getting one when I move to an apartment.

From anecdotes from friends, some have mentioned 2.5m x 5.5m is a good minimum size.

This one place I am interested in has a spot with the dimensions of 2.36m x 6.35m. It's definitely shorter on the width (one side touching a pillar). Wonder if this would be an issue?

Otherwise if there is easy answer, is there a particular rule of thumb of car spot width vs. car width instead?


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    The size in Australia for a parking is an Australian Standard AS2890 and are 2.4 m wide by 5.4 m long


      Hmmm that's actually good to know!

      Seems like the size is just under the standard via some loophole, I'm assuming as a result of the pillar.

      So it's not bad then after all, just 4cm less than the standard.

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        What are you talking about?
        This is the AUSTRALIAN STANDARD mate.
        There is no other standard!
        There is no loophole except in your estimations


      Add the following for confined spaces according to AS2890

      Parking spaces adjoining walls and other structures or within single garages shall be 5.5 m long and 3.0 m wide

      This is to allow sufficient space for car doors to open.


    if you have an avg car w. backup cam you'll know

    if you have a friggin' Ram 1500 or even a Wildtrack Ranger with all the blue collar trimmings then you're going to have a hard time

    a camry is about just under 5m and 1.8m wide and i consider this to be the gold standard for medium car sizing

    if you can comfortably park that then you're good

    if you own a smaller car then that's all the more easy for you


      I was thinking of a Corolla actually, which would be smaller than the Camry. I assume it should be fine then!


        You may want to think about future resale as well. In a world where 4x4s were already popular here and SUVs have become even more so and ever-growing, might be an issue for future buyers.

        The size itself seems fine but if it's awkwardly positioned for opening doors, may be a consideration.

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    Its all about the width and not the length (or so i am told).
    Cars are getting wider and taller every year, and considering there is a pillar it nay make it difficult to back in and open doors or the reverse.

    Consider also that the pillar may force you to squeeze past your car… Doesn't sound too bad until its wet and muddy and you have hands full of shopping bags.

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      Its all about the width…

      I believe the correct term is "girth"… 😆

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        That’s correct, my mobile member has a 5.7 shaft and 2.1 girth


    I've never seen a parking spot that doesn't fit a standard sized car like a camry or corolla.

    What I have found to be more important for apartment parking is how you and your neighbours park. I'm lucky that both neighbours beside me park right in the middle of their own spots. It makes it easier for everyone. But I have seen others where they park at an angle because they're too lazy to "straighten up" or they park right up to the edge of their space making it difficult for the person beside them to open the door, etc.

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    Personally from my point of view the pillar could be a good thing, assuming that noone can park close enough to at least one side of your car to hit it with their door. I guess it depends where the pillar is as to how much of an inconvenience it might be as far as opening your own car doors.


    It’s not just about the size of the space, Yu need to be able to get in and out. Visited a friends apartment once and took about 10 back and forwards to get my car (Corolla sized) out as it was up against the end wall.


    Usually part of the column is included in the parking spot unless the lines are painted alongside the column.
    2.4x 5.4m is pretty standard and should fit a b85 vehicle. From memory a falcon wagon was basically the standard.


      The full width is actually 2.61m, and the pillar reduces the minimum measurable width to 2.36m, I just gave the minimum width in the post to give myself the worst case scenario. So yes you are right that the column is included in the parking spot and protrudes 0.25m into the spot.

      So there's actually a lot of hypothetical space for door opening since the pillar is at the front side of the parking spot I guess.


    Width against a wall you should look at 2.7m. Line marked car space csn6be 4.9m. Dwelling single spaces need to be 3.5m wide. At the end of the day any standard car should fit in the apartment carapace as they need to be designed to min standards. Better to have a wider space not against a wall. The pillar location should not interfere with the front doors.


    Also, will you generally have passengers in your car?
    If not, park as close to the pillar on one side, and exit on the other side.

    You can side get away doing this when you have passengers, except they may have to exit the car before you park.


    I recommend an acreage.

    To help in any way we would need to know what model car you intend to park there and in what direction.

    A ute, a large saloon and a micro car all have their doors in different places. Many sports cars need to open the doors further due to seating positions and cabins being narrower than the car.

    This is normally one of the many things in daily life an adult 'just' works out.

    If you are really struggling, just buy the smallest in class like a Picanto or a Corolla.


    Thanks guys, looks okay to me, I'll probably do another inspection with some measuring tape to make sure it's what I expect (if I ever decide on this).


    Measure the typical shopping car space…. then add a few more cm.
    You paid for this parking space, it should be in the building specs as to the dimensions in parking allotted to your particular Unit.