Does Krispy Kreme Still Do 4x Free Donuts on Birthday?

Does Krispy Kreme still do 4x free Donuts on your birthday? Have Sign up to Newsletter and account but no where to put my (d.o.b) in to receive the voucher to my birthday.

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    • I have used the link on that wiki. Saying Must 'register' 4 weeks in advance went onto link signup to KK But nowhere to put in your birthday in your account on Krispy Kreme

  • They do however, the voucher that was provided to me was a week before my birthday. It had to be redeemed quickly, there's a short expiry date so yeah.

    • Mine is about 2 months away, although how did you sign up ?
      Seems like the Krispy Kreme inner Circle is no longer as page is not found (from searching on google).

      • I signed up years ago. did you try creating an account? there is an option to sign up for the newsletter.

        • Yes have created an account and the only newsletter is General Subscription Newsletter which I have accepted, every the one donut when you have signed up, (hasn't/isn't) shown via email or account

  • I think you can get 1 Krispy Kreme from 7-11 for birthday

    • Yes, But you can through Krispy Kreme itself get a free 4 pack but looks like they don't do it anymore.

    • Yes, 7-11 does give 1 for free.

      • That's what the person above say but that is not 4 tho.

        • Yes, but worse comes to worse 1 is better than none.

  • Doesn't look like it. April birthday here and didn't receive an email

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