Can Anyone Tell Me What Year My Boat Hull Is?

I got a boat a while back, I'm trying figure out what year my boat hull is but no luck ah. It's a Coxcraft if anyone know would be much appreciated. I believe is old but has been very, I mean very well, looked after as it looks like new inside and out. I will try upload the pictures. My hull id number is AUABD000571QT2




    Hmm, are you sure this the correct Hull ID? Doesn't seem consistent with standards.

    AU = Country code
    ABD = Manufacturers Identification
    000571 = Serial number
    QT2 = This is where it gets weird. Should be A-L letter for month (Jan = A etc) then number for year. Would 2002 be reasonable?

    My boat follows this guide perfectly so I know it's correct:


    Yes I know ah not sure why but thats my boat Hull serial number …. cant figure the year lol

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    If it's old, check for animal manure in the bottom. Should be two lots of each type.


      On the botton you mean on the put side of the hull? Sorry not surebwhat you mean

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      You know, there had to have been boats before the Noah's time.

      And somehow people had to have been too stupid to use them during the flood, on top of that no-one had to know how to swim, and during the flood every fishermen/captain/trader had to be "on land" and taking a day off. So this whole story seems very sketchy to me. But animal part, nah, that makes sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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        Where did they shovel all of the sh*t? No way 2 dung beetles could have coped.

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          Throw all the animal waste overboard. But the bullshit, there's just way too much of that :\

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        The flood was 40 days. I don't think anyone prepared for a significant weather event of such duration.


    Can you upload a picture of the stamped HIN?