Something Came Up Error - Move to iOS Issue on Android

Guys last 2 days Trying to move my data from Oneplus 5 to my new iPhone 12 but no luck. I have followed all the steps as suggested by Apple and even Looked at some youtube Videos but not able to fix the error saying" Something came up. The application has cancelled the request to choose a device. And If I press okay, it says No iOS device is nearby and in set-up.

Did anyone face such an Issue when moved from Android to Apple? Please suggest some steps to overcome this issue?

Thanks to All.


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    Why are you downgrading?

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      Oneplus 5 to my new iPhone 12

      Your reading comprehension is lacking :)

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    I had no luck with the app transferring from an Oppo Reno 5G to my current XS Max. Tried everything listed in Reddit/forum threads - disabling cellular data, airplane mode, restarting with absolutely no improvement. Seems to be an issue with Android 10.

    Was mainly interested in getting my SMS transferred over, so I managed to sort it out by switching to an old phone (HTC 10 with Android 8). I backed up my SMS/contacts with SMS Backup and Restore, restored to the old phone and transferred everything with the Move to iOS app.


      Thanks. When you used Move to IOS app, what basically you have to do? Do you do that by turning on Airplane mode? any suggestion pls?


        I just enabled airplane mode to be safe and followed the instructions in the app on both phones - was quite easy.


          I Just tried similar to what you have mentioned but every time my iPhone pops up the error Transfer Interrupted. Not understand why?

          Any idea why I am getting that?


            @Sunny10: Are you using the OnePlus 5, and if so which android version are you on?


              @donnot: I am using my Mrs old phone which is S8+ and the android version is 9.


    Apple "Just Works".



      Just Apple works. No others, just Apple