Best Trickle Charger/Tender for 2015 Ford FGX XR8

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction and/or give me some solid suggestions for a good battery charger/tender for my '15 XR8. I've done some digging myself and obviously have come across CTEK but I'm just not 100% sure which one to pick (or if they're good). I was thinking either the MXS 3.8 or 5.0 but I would welcome any advice/recommendations/suggestions from the community.

Cheers to anyone who replies.


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    I have the CTEK MXS 5 and it's a great unit. It has revived a few batteries for me during COVID with not much car use. I did not use it for trickle charge but I am sure it would be a solid choice.

    I believe the other choice on here is the Victron. Some commentary -


    One of the CTEK chargers, something like a XS0.8.

    They're really good.

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    Lower end models of the CTEK (XS 0.8) have lower amperage battery output. This means it takes longer to charge your battery if its flat. If you ain't fussed and happy to trickle charge for longer periods the basic XS 0.8 will perfectly suit your needs

    *Personally have the MXS 5, helps to quickly recharge flat battery if you need to drive the car suddenly

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    So, I just went and bout the MXS 5.0. Seems to be like a perfect unit for what I want to use it for! Cheers for all the feedback!!


      I have the MXS 3.8. Amazing how I can drive a long highway trip, alternator is working well (charging at 14.1V) and yet the battery will still need 3-4 hours on the CTEK to charge fully every month or two. Just proves the point that the alternator is not a substitute for a battery charger.


        Just proves the point that the alternator is not a substitute for a battery charger.

        How often do you drive? If it's a daily then then you really shouldn't need to charge it.


          Agree you may not 'need' to charge it but I've used my CTEK on 4 different vehicles ranging from <2 years old to 15 years old, all regularly driven, and all of them took between 30 mins and 4 hours to be fully charged by the CTEK ie. the alternator is keeping the battery sufficiently charged but not fully charged. From what I've read lead acid and AGM batteries last the longest when they are regularly charged to full capacity - CTEK claim regular charging can extend battery life to as much as double. Only time will tell….

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          Yeah, that's the thing eh, this car isn't my daily.

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    CTEK or Noco. Have both types here and both work well. Both are around the 5amp range and have a fancy charging computer thingo.

    Had a car battery run down to 1.5 volts and thought it was stuffed. Hooked up my CTEK to it and left it do its thing for a few days and bought the battery back to life. Very impressed.