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[WA] Chigo 2.65kw (Cooling) / 3.3kw (Heating) Air Conditioner $399 (Supply only) @ Coogle Australia


Now we are offering Chigo Air Conditioner supply for only $399,

Model Number CS-25V3A-M150FH5M, 2.5KW, 5 years full warranty, WITH installation* $848 incl. GST.

Always look for the ARCTIC (ARC is an acronym for the Australian Refrigeration Council) when you purchase, installing, or repairing your Air conditioner, Freezer or Fridge. AU46311, EC13745, fully insured.

Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard only) accepted. Please note there is a 1.5% surcharge for all credit card transactions.

Cash and EFTPOS also accepted.

2.5Kw can cover Maximum Floor Area 15 (m2)

*Installation price is for standard back to back installations: 3 metre pipe, 10 metres cable, mounted on ground, on single storey homes and include electrical work. Prices include GST. If aircon is smaller than 3.5kw, hard wired into power circuit. Separate circuit with RCD protection extra cost will apply depends on the job difficulty. FREE for travel cost within 30 KM from Osborne Park WA 6017. For further than 30 km, $20 extra for 30-40km, $60 extra for 40-50km.

Other brands and sizes also available. Contact us for more information.

Coogle Australia

M: 0418 466 090
M: 0403 627 943

P: 08 9445 1918

Email: [email protected]

Make your home nice and comfortable, CALL US NOW!

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  • +3

    Chigo?? never heard of it.

    • +33

      It's right up there with Sorny, Panaphonics and Magnetbox.

      • +5

        Listen, I'm not going to lie to you. Those are all superior machines.

      • +2

        I love watching Doovde on my Sorny LucKedeTov

  • +1

    How much is it for the back to back installation price? (Thornlie area)

    • Hi mate, for ground floor supply and standard back to back installation the price will be $848 include GST.
      Extra cost may apply for additional wall bracket, individual circuit, etc.

  • +19

    Are they made in China? Because I don't buy stuff from China anymore unless there is no alternative…. Just saying.

    • +2

      It is made in China. We also have other brands, like Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Toshiba, Fujitsu, etc.

    • +1

      Not trolling, but how's that going? Must be hard, even the small things like paper / pens / pencils, packing, etc made in China. I would be fatigued just checking every single thing I buy to see if it's made in PRC.

      • +4

        I don't sweat the small stuff, but I get your point. I just keep an eye out whenever buying bigger ticket items, it all adds up…

      • +1

        You cannot avoid entirely, but its pretty trivial to do a quick check before buying.

  • +8

    I'm going to take a guess based on the price and assume this is landfill.

    • -2

      Kogan has similar price, and they seem to be supplied by semi-respected major China manufacturers.

      It's not rocket science: compressor, copper pipes, valve, a couple of heat exchangers and fans.

      Specs here (I coogled it) say it has a Panasonic compressor (model not specified) with R410A refrigerant.


      • +7

        Funny, I have the same opinion on a lot of things from Kogan - landfill.

        Semi-respected when talking about Chinese manufacturing tends to mean you get what you pay for - i.e. don't expect much.

        • The make them by the millions, and depend on repeat business.
          Do you have any specific numbers or complaints? Just whinging or trying to sound superior is not helpful.

          Yes, high labour rates here make repairs less economical. So what is the failure rate you are claiming?
          Acceptable lifetime depends on purpose.

          A bedroom in Perth, it may only be used for 100-200 hours per year. An MTBF of 2000 hours would be OK, if the price is right.
          But that would be terrible in a commercial install.

          Everything is made in China. And Kogan is a marketplace, with variable quality.

          • +3


            The make them by the millions, and depend on repeat business.


            I'd say that business model hasn't really worked out for them.

            Unsure how anyone could see this as a "bargain" when the likely outcome is the device will be cactus well within the "warranty" period and will be beyond economical repair. Leading to the consumer needing to purchase a replacement.

            The crux of it is, this unit is likely trash and being dumped on our shores by a company / country that complains about us exporting goods to their own country.

            • -3

              @NinjaChicken: I was talking about Kogan, and Midea, GMCC.

              Most car companies have gone broke, including GM. BMW came close. That does not mean all their cars were bad.

              the likely outcome is the device will be cactus well within the "warranty" period

              Please, what is your evidence for this? Did you pull it out of your cloaca?

              • +3


                Please, what is your evidence for this? Did you pull it out of your cloaca?

                The comment below this provides evidence of the quality of of these units:

                We bought two of these a number of years ago.
                One died in about 13 months, the other around 2 years. Warranty was not honoured by retailer nor manufacturer.

                You don't need to believe them, feel free to buy one of these air conditioners - be my guest. Maybe you'll get lucky and have one that lasts for many years. More than likely, you'll get something that compromises on quality, in more ways than 1.

                And while we are talking about pulling things out of cloacas, I'm unsure why you would be defending this brand so much? Unless you can prove their quality?

                Or maybe you are pulling things - not just out of your cloaca.

                • @NinjaChicken: So you think an anecdote is evidence? With a sample-space of 2?

                  I'm not making claims as to the quality, you are. And your claims appear to be baseless.

                  • +3


                    I'm not making claims as to the quality

                    I'd expect the company to have to prove the quality by releasing quality products for a while and well supporting them (the sample size of 2 may be enough to tell about the quality of support).

                    Plus all the moral questions about currently buying the product from China when better ones are available.

  • +12

    We bought two of these a number of years ago.
    One died in about 13 months, the other around 2 years. Warranty was not honoured by retailer nor manufacturer.

    • +11

      I agree. It's a waste of time buying these cheap poorly made units. If you're paying $800 to install the thing, you don't want to install crap.

      Install a good quality unit which will last easily 10-15 years.

      I installed a Fujitsu in 2009 and it hasn't missed a beat.

      • +1

        Oh, I thought $848 was the total installed price. $800 to install a $400 aircon would be poor economics.

        • +1

          Oh sorry it is.

          But gee, $700-800 is about the standard price again for this

          So to do it so cheaply one has to wonder what corners will be cut during installation? Proper capping/sealing/mounting, etc? Separate circuit run back to the switchboard or just quickly connected to the nearest power point? Most A/C brands now stipulate their products need to be on separate circuit.

          Will they properly take the time to vacuum the lines when installing?

          • @placard: For a small unit like this, using an existing circuit is perfectly acceptable. It is rated at 3.8A, and uses an inverter.

            • @bargaino: Electrically speaking, I agree, however a lot of manufacturers even for 2.5kw units stipulate it must be on it's own circuit. So then, if a warranty claim arose, it could be denied if it's just tacked onto an existing circuit.

              • @placard: Warranty is from Coogle. they can hardly deny it when they did the install.

                • @bargaino: Knock yourself out, but I won't take the risk personally.

    • What were the reasons given for the warranty not being honoured?

  • +2

    Who would want to roll the dice with this unit?
    It's only a few hundred bucks more for a reputable unit, and if you can't afford a few hundred dollars - can you afford to use aircon anyway?

  • many years ago infact in 2009 i bought a supreme air conditioner which was no name brand then. Its from the same company which was Chigo then. I had no funds and settled for supreme assuming i would replace it when it broke down. The Aircon was a rather simple model R410 simple one and catering to a very large home hence was overloaded.

    its running till today, god forbid if it breaks down i would have to replace it.

    hence all i can say is what chuckberry said "you can never tell"

  • +12

    Pay over $1200 to install a crap air con that will go to landfill within 2 years.
    Or pay $1600 to get a well known brand that last for over 10 years.
    Your choice.

    Chigo is bankrupted. Do not expect any warranty. I wouldn't want to get it even if it is free.

    • Statutory warranty is from the retailer. But good luck.

  • Has the logo been Photoshopped on the thumbnail image? Doesn't look right.

  • The other thing you have to look at with these cheap units is their energy consumption, some of them are horrendous.

    • It is on the PDF linked above. First column

      Power Input - Cooling (W). 675 (420 - 1160) 910 (600 - 1400) 1504 (720 - 1880) 1880 (990 -2430) 2270 (1050 -3270)
      Power Input - Heating (W) 700 (430 - 1190) 960 (600 - 1400) 1480 (730 - 1920) 1880 (920 - 2480) 2480 (930 -3270)
      Running Current - Cooling (A) 3.4 (1.9 - 5.4) 4.2 (2.6 - 6.5) 7.0 (3.2 - 8.5) 8.2 (4.3 - 10.6) 10.4 (4.8 - 14.9)
      Running Current - Heating (A) 3.8 (2.0 - 5.7) 4.4 ( 2.6 - 6.7) 6.8 (2.8 - 8.7) 8.2 (4.0 - 10.8) 11.4 (4.3 - 14.9)
      AEER (w/w) 3.85 3.87 3.39 3.25 3.28
      ACOP (w/w) 3.71 3.84 3.51 3.25 3.35
      Star Rating - Cooling 3 3 2 1.5 2
      Star Rating - Heating 2.5 3 2 1.5 2

  • +1


    OP: Chigo's site doesnt seem too trustworthy/ reliable. Site's cert is not valid, news page link is non-existent, company seems to have gone belly-up. Am wondering if retailer/ installer (Coogle Air) will front up any repairs/ replacement costs within the 5 year warranty period?

    Also, any other more trustworthy packages within the $1k installed price range? Am looking to install for a small rental unit.

    • company seems to have gone belly-up.

      They know! How do you think Coogle got the units so cheap :-)
      Goodguys had a Hisense for $510 a while back. Maybe after winter there will be similar deals?

      • Hence, my question to OP ~ will they front up the repairs/ replacement costs within the advertised 5 years "full" warranty period =)

        Needed installation to be bundled in, saw this ad so might as well ask the question.

        • "5 years full warranty, WITH installation* $848 incl. GST." .

          That's what they said.

  • Coogle…Chigo?
    They sound like Aldi brands.

  • -2

    Landlord put one of these into my unit, I think it would struggle to cool the Ensuite,
    the heater function is woeful, honestly, my Dyson AM-09 is better.

  • +1

    I have seen hundreds of these units at mine sites in the outback with temperatures above 40C for most of summer. No problems with the ones in my rooms and haven’t heard any other complaints. That aside, I personally would not buy ‘Made in China’ items when I can possibly avoid them!

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