Fast Charge Cables

Hi guys

Just checking in to see what the best value for money fast charge cables are atm? Anker? Blitzwolf?

Chasing 6ft in length and good quality, ive noticed the blitzwolf ones slow down after awhile.

Are there also powerpoints that have multiple usb c & a fast charge points that you can recommend?



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    100% Anker. Not the cheapest but will last the longest. Have braided lightning cables running strong after 5 years of daily use.


      Not the cheapest but will last the longest.

      Not always the case. I got better longevity from cables that came at a fraction of the cost for an Anker.

      Anker have been slapping their brand to generic products now. Same with Blitzwolf. Not worth the premium for what they once were.


    I gotta go with blitzwolf, cheap reliable and can take wear and tear really well. Never used anker cables, but have about 8 blitzwolf cables, all still work flawlessly


    Sucks the black blitzwolf usb c multi packs aren't going on sale..

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    Baseus and Ugreen cables from Aliexpress work great and are very well-priced.

    Those $1 cables that pop up here from time to time are also well worth your dollar (pun intended).


    Ugreen, vention, Baseuse. the aliexpress ones are top shit.


    Slow down after a while? How do you test this theory?


      The OP is saying the phone takes longer to charge

      This implies the cable has increased in resistance and therefore reduced the total current flow whilst charging. It's a measurable value, especially comparing cheap thin cables with a high AWG rating to a well-made cable with thicker copper. An inline USB ammeter will show less current on a dodgy cable.


    Thanks guys

    Its sounds like i need to try one of each. Haha