[Switch] Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit $98 + Delivery ($0 Sydney C&C) @ The Gamesmen


Mario or Luigi available, $98 plus delivery or collect in store

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    $101.95 Delivered with eBay Plus with code 'PPSS1' ends up cheaper for those that need it delivered.


    Does it come with the game or I have to buy it separately?


      Game download required and available as free download on Nintendo eShop.

      I think this game has very low replay value (compared to a real Mario Kart game). A bit of novelty and then….not much replay value at all. It doesn't help that it doesn't come as a cartridge, so resale is gone.


        Thank you so much. New to the party. Bought a second-hand one recently.


    I bought one not long ago on Big W eBay store for $99 delivered.

    Haven’t touched it yet, box came with a little dent to piss me off. Is it better to refund for change of mind and buy something better like RE8 lol