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Fitbit Range 35% off: e.g. Sense 56,400 Points, Versa 3 45,200 Points + 1,200 Points Delivery @ Qantas Store


The cheapest it has ever been if you were to value Qantas points against the retail gift cards.

JB HiFi $250 gift card is worth 49,250 Qantas points
i.e., 197 points = $1

Fitbit Sense = 56,400 points = $286.29
Fitbit Versa 3 = 45,200 points = $229.44
Delivery = 1200 points = $6.09

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    The QF store now charges for delivery?!? What a rip-off. It's been free for as long as I've been a member (~25 years).


      Yeah, it's been a year :(

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    I've never found using QFF points to buy items from the QFF store to be an attractive proposition. I can see reasons why you might consider doing so e.g. more points than you need for flights or no money and want something badly enough that QFF store has. However, if that's not the case then I'd suggest anyone considering this to compare the value of using your QFF points on flights as the basis for valuing their points. When I do that I can get the flights I want for around 50-100 QFF points per $. On that basis the opportunity cost of me of buying the Versa 3 for 45,200 points is ~$450 to $900, way more than I can buy one for (I bought 1 on Amazon for ~$265 last week).
    YMMV but if you're weighing up whether to use on flights or on a QFF store purchase then I suggest you compare the value of using your QF points on each - and don't just think that it's great value to use your QFF points on a QFF store purchase because it's 35% off.


      I agree, but then again the value shouldn't be compared against the redemptions for flight, as they're two different thing.
      If I was to use this logic, then the points are only good for flight redemptions and NOTHING else.


        As I said there are circumstances where using your points up for flights isn't an option i.e. more points than you need for flights or don't have the cash and you want something badly enough to use you QFF points anyway. However, if that's not the case then…..