Binance Registration Frustration Continues. Any Tips for Facial Recognition?

So still cant get my Binance KYC registration done.

The facial recognition part just stays the same, ie the head template appears on the screen and you can stare at it for 5 mins…nothing!

I didn't think I needed KYC facial recognition for <$10k trades, but it wont let me trade on my PC, just directs me back to KYC.

HOWEVER… I can trade on the Binance phone app. But even that is weird as I can place an order on the light version (default market order), but cant place a limit order on the pro version (was trying to buy cake). Successfully bought BNB as a limit order and have another on ADA.

So any tips on how to get the KYC facial recognition to work (Google just says raise a ticket, which i have and the response was 'scan your face'…

  • Note - Binance don't accept Gmail with a '+ aliases'.

Ie. If email is [email protected] and you use [email protected] for Binance it will crash the registration process.

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    Lots of places don't accept plus addresses as valid email addresses.

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      google treats that the same as [email protected]?

      Pretty sure that won't work for the ops email address

      Best they can do is put a dot in their email at a specific point thats unique for binance.
      Like [email protected]

      But apart from binance spam, I doubt you'll get much from them. They don't need to sell your email details elsewhere to make money…

      • So tried setting it up with the [email protected] approach. It submitted. I got a verification code emailed. Confirmed. Went to log dice!

        Binance support say there is no ab.c account on their system. Sent them the screenshot of the confirmation email. They said they dont see that account exisiting on their system and they don't know why it didnt work.

        Requested them to delete my account so I can just start fresh with the referral. Nup, can't delete accounts either.

        Need to sign up for another email and start again…another inbox to watch..PITA

    • Cheers all for helping. This is the first time ever I've had a + address not work, and is the backbone of how I index and search through my inbox. Ie. Just search for +bn in your inbox to get all binance emails only.

    1. half the Internet is broken because of non-compliance to Internet standards. That's partly Microsoft and Cisco's fault who never believed there should be common standards in the first place, but also because modern business is run in a kinda-works-okay fashion employing the cheapest developers and just don't care if 10 or 20% of the customer base cannot use their service
    2. the gmail method of expanding email addresses doesn't work for spam detection because any spammer would know to simply strip everything after the plus sign to a google address
  • Gahhh.. I took out the + bit, and it worked, but it must have removed the referral code and I didn't notice until I had just click submit :(

    Clicked on support to see if it can be added (says wait time >6hrs)

    Thought I'd just start a new account and try adding . instead of a + somewhere in my email. It worked and sent an email verification code. Applied it and Binance had a melt down, and reset to some weird login screen saying "Log In…Please check that you are visiting the correct URL".

    Enter my details and it says username or password is incorrect (definitely is correct as I clicked the little eye ball to check it's all correct before registering and copy/ pasted the verification email address just to make sure I'm not losing my mind.

    *Edit - Now says the same for the original email login as well. Looks like I'm not getting on the SHIB bangwagon..

    Binance feels like Colesonline

  • Now stuck on Facial recognition…any tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

    • Some of the instructions include blinking your eyes, rotating your face left and right. Did this with an elderly friend recently with no problem. What problem did you have?

      • On my PC (chrome browser) it doesn't work at all (Just says it cant access the camera, although I checked the settings and Binance has access enabled), so tried using the app on my phone and it goes through to step 1 - With a silhouette / template of a head and your selfie camera enabled and it says underneath 'turn phone vertically'. Aligned my head into the template and didn't move for a full minute, tried moving the phone around a bit (as no idea what turn phone vertically means?).

        Never moves past step 1. Did a search around and heaps of people on Reddit saying the same thing. Chat / help are useless.

        But interesting side fact, I'm able to make trades on my phone without restriction, but my PC is locked out at the KYC step and cant even convert Fiat to BNB.

  • So what's your 'correction' strategy? Activate stop losses or buy in?

    I guess is this driven by Elon, US tax, Binance investigation?