NAPLAN Writing Assessment

How did you or your kids, find the Naplan Writing assessment today?



    Today was Reading for us (yr7 & yr9)

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    This is why I hate NAPLAN.

    Schools going above and beyond to prepare the kids and parents hoping to find that others kids didn't perform so well to feel good about their academic child.

    It's meant to be a snapshot of where our education system is at in numeracy and literature. Not how individuals or particular schools performs.

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      But, but, little Nathan is so clever for his age….


        He's fluent in 14 languages.

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          Ah, but was he taught the life skills of OzBargain!


          • Cash on collect with gumtree / fb marketplace
          • Insurance
          • MS Paint illustrations
          • Financial dealing with family and friends.
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      It's meant to be a snapshot of where our education system is at

      Yeah, it does unfortunately… what should happen doesn't match what actually happens.

      It's run like an exam, so people will see it as an exam and get ranked.

      If school wants to measure their students actual progress, they should "test" continuously and not planned in advance so the kids and parents won't know and can't plan for it like an exam.


    my mother is a school psychologist and she says it's well known that schools teach to the test because the results are used to decide the future makeup and funding of the school. She also says there is such pressure is directly and indirectly put on kids so much that there has been a huge jump in behaviour issues.

    Kind of sad really, the concept may be ok but it's been altered to make it near useless.


      Isn't that a Simpson's episode?


        yeah, might explain where our government gets its ideas. Next up… Monorail!!!!


    Does anyone know what the topic was as my son has no recollection of the topic 😎


      Year 7 topic was a narrative - strange new world

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    Australia has been ranked 39 out of 41 high and middle-income countries in achieving quality education, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund

    That is how well out kids are doing….but the 'experts' will tell you to keep giving every kid participation ribbons and that stricter school discipline isnt the right way to teach children


    Maybe we should have a poll, how do you feel about Naplan? If the media is to be believed, majority of parents feel that it is stressful on the children. I don't think this is true, I don't see parents complaining about competitive sports in schools.

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      don't think this is true, I don't see parents complaining about competitive sports in schools.

      Only kids who enjoy sport and/or are good at it do competitive sport. Whereas all kids in a grade have to do naplan.

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        I was under the impression Naplan was opt-out? You don't have to do it if you and/or your parents/carers don't want you to.


    Also just following on from my above comment - I don't quite see the reason for the controversy over Naplan? Surely a major test that occurs once every few years in primary and junior high, is nothing compared to other countries (with the highest level of educational standards) where kids from primary school have tests and exams every semester? Isn't it the same locally at Unis where students have to be prepared for an end of semester exam? (Do we only wait till VCE and Uni to start getting students used to preparing for major exams?)

    What else would we use as a national benchmark to monitor and gauge where our child is at and what else would we use as a tool to see what areas they may need help in, to help them succeed in school?