Commbank Transfers Are down

Earlier this morning, I transferred money and when I went to pay for goods in-store it was rejected.

Anyways, i transferred more money and it now says it'll take 2-3 days. I don't currently have a credit card, so it's a bit of an issue.

I have my bank card for in-store, but i can't buy anything online without a delay til it's fixed. Is there anyway to use my ZIP Visa online? I've only used it through my phone.


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  • What about using Apple Pay or equivalent on phone? Haven't whipped out cash or physical card in a very long time. Love that contactless is ubiquitous here.

    • I don't have Apple Pay, I can use ZIP via my phone. In-store tho I could use my bank card, but if I want to order something online I'm stuck.

      BWS Example
      It allows Paypal, or Credit Cards. I don't see an option for ZIP.

      I normally have a Credit Card, but I don't at the moment.(I use my Visa debit)

  • Check out this product from Humm group (previously known as Flexigroup - as in Flexirent - Harvey Norman's old buy now pay later partner)

    Another buy now, pay later option. Up to $1000 instant credit depending o;n your credit score, set-up and approved fast. It will provide you with a virtual MasterCard number you can use against it. No fees unless you miss a payment.

    • I was hoping to use my ZIP somehow, I don't really want to take a credit hit for 3 days use. Thanks tho 👍

      I was actually going to get rid of my ZIP aswell, as I barely use it.

  • You can use zip’s single use card for online purchase. I’ve used it for several times.

  • It's fixed.

    Not sure if it can retroactively apply to payments made during the outage though

  • It’s working now! Just transferred form Up to CBA

    • Yeah, I tested $1. However the previous transfers earlier in the day will take a few days. 👍