Converting Kindle Books to PDF

Hi OzB Community

I have purchased a Kindle Ebook, thinking that i could view it in a PDF reader.
Does anyone know how to successfully convert .azw files to PDF?

From the research I've done it appears to be DRM locked and I don't know how to remove the lock.


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    Try inAudible if it's DRM'd, or maybe Calibre.

    Calibre should do it with DRM tools installed.

    (Edit, actually I think inAudible just does audiobooks. )

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    Calibre has been the best I've tried so far, and it supports multiple formats.
    The only 'watch out' is that it sometimes takes a while if you are converting alot of files.

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    Calibre is great. It can also convert files to .azw if you know what I mean.


    Calibre and ApprenticeAlf will do it, I do it regularly, as well as ePub to mobi.


    Yea Calibre is good!


    I think Sumatra reads .azw files.
    Sumatra is a .PDF reader, a no fuss reader, so it opens quicker, and it's open source