Buying Panasonic Refrigerator - Please Share Your Experiences

Hi all, looking to buy a new fridge . We looked at Panasonic refrigerators .

Reason we mainly go for Panasonic is it has the biggest vegetable and fruits compartment than others. Not many reviews online available. Someone could please shed light if they have some experience. Also looking for after sales service and country of origin for these Panasonic fridges.

Also what your say about LG’s and any other good with bigger fruits & veggies compartment.

Thanks in advance.



    My mum has a Panasonic fridge and has had it for a year. All good. No issues. Good value for money and they're big in a small area. Eg. longer front however retain height and width to a minimum where many others don't.


    Have had one for like 3 years, no issues. Moving into the house was a pain, its got a larger radiator or something at the back, and we didn't know, its different only on Panasonic.


    Top class


    Choice didnt give it a very good rating. That was for


    On this criteria:-

    How stable the fridge's temperature is. Higher scores mean a more stable temperature - i.e. your ice cream won't melt and refreeze. It rated poorly.

    Overall it was about 30-34 percentage points lower than their recommended models

    Also this model had No humidity control on crisper

    That was the only Panasonic tested.