Is BCF Snow Gear Any Good VS Upcoming ALDI Snow Gear Special Buy?

Hey everyone,

Recently a deal was posted for snow gear at BCF and I'm wondering if I should pull the trigger because the price is interesting or wait for Aldi special buys in 2 weeks.

I was hoping people with familiar with snow gear could help me translate the below BCF jacket product description

According to the product description:

  • Filled with 120GSM polyester
  • With a snow skirt to keep warmth
  • Breathable
  • 100% ripstop polyester and contains a TPU membrane for additional water resistance ( it doesn't say water-resistant just additional resistance unsure with the wording..)
  • 10K/10K rating, what does this rating mean?

According to Aldi will have a windproof, waterproof, breathable shell jacket with a removable inner jacket for $119.99 VS $49 for the BCF jacket.

Is the BCF snow jacket any good? I don't know what desirable feature/spec I should be looking for in a snow jacket so I'd appreciate any help.


Edit: I'm sorry I should have mentioned I'm planning to go skiing at Perisher this winter.

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    Expecting a cold winter?


      Orrrr maybe planning to go to the snow this year?


        Yes sorry guys I forgot to mention it.
        I just edited OP but yeah planning to go skiing this winter at Perisher

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    That 10K/10K rating (breathability and water resistance) is more equivalent to Aldi's $59 snow jackets which I believe are 12K/12K.

    The $119 jackets at Aldi are more premium with a 20K/20K rating.

    If you're planning on Skiing/Snowboarding somewhere like Japan, a 10K/10K will be fine as they have nice dry powder snow. In Australia though we have much wetter, more humid winters and more slushy snow, so having a higher water resistance rating is going to help, and more breathability is always welcome.

    Really it comes down to value. 10K will be fine for alot of people and if you haven't skiied/snowboarded regularly, you probably won't notice the difference, so the $49 BCF or $59 Aldi jacket will be fine, but if you're a regular, or upgrading from an existing jacket, the 20K/20K rating may just be worth it for you.


      Thank you for the insightful answer.
      This helps a lot.

      This winter I'm planning to go skiing at the Perisher but sometimes in the next couple of years I will probably go skiing in Japan and NZ too whenever the opportunity come.

      Even though I have good skiing skills (grew up in Europe) skiing for me is just for leisure/holiday (couple of days to max 1 week / year)

      Looks like I'll be fine with either the 10k/10k bcf jacket or $59 Aldi jacket.

      Thanks again for your help mate.

      Edit: though the 12k/12k for extra breathability for Australia's more humid climate could be a good bet too.
      I guess I have to decide if it's worth braving the crowd at Aldi to get the Aldi one

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      I digged out last year ozbargain deal for Aldi snow sales.
      Someone took pictures of last year's catalogue and it says the $59 Aldi soft shell jacket is only rated 8k/8k see here

      Assuming they will be selling the same gear this year, that would make BCF jacket better.

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    The ALDI snow sale sounds to me like what happened recently in India with the religious festivals.. people will be climbing and coughing over each other, these things will become super spreader events…

    They really should hold the sale entirely online this year.


    Depends what you're doing. If all you want to do is some snowplay with the kids, then the BCF stuff is fine.

    If you want to engage in skiing or snowboarding, then go with the Aldi gear. Good luck getting it though. Every year it's a madhouse.


      I've never been to Aldi special buys.
      Is it that bad?
      Based on what others have said plus this I think I'll just order online from bcf and be done with it.
      Not keen to go fight with people over a sale


        Only time I've ever seen people go nuts at an aldi special buys is the snow gear. Every year.

        My suggestions would be go the BCF gear and use the savings to buy a pair of thermal clothes for underneath. Snow season rarely drops below 5c in Australia so for most beginner activities you don't need too much.


    Also the BCF jacket comes in plain black, so you won't look like every other second person (if that is important to you)


      What color most people wear?
      Or do everyone rock the Aldi snow gear at the Perisher lol


        It's a sea of navy blue Aldi jackets at most areas in the snowfields.


          That's me!

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    You would want 10k/10k minimum for any snow activity. 120g fill will definitely be warm enough for the coldest days on snow in Australia and you'd be surprised how hot you can get, especially if you're new. The Aldi one does seem to be a bit better though; it has the under arm ventilation, detachable hood and more pockets! If you are new, I would focus on getting better pants rather than jacket as you might be on your butt a lot :P


      For pants I was looking at these on sale too

      Planning to wear leggings underneath the pants for extra warmth and to be honest all I want from snow pants is that it doesn't let snow inside my pants as this is just the worse feeling.

      You think these bcf will do the job?


        Yeah I think they should be fine too. If you wear the snow skirt of the jacket over the pants then you should be dandy. Bib styles also stop snow from getting in.


    As a Canadian who lived in -30c you can keep it simple and just wear layers. The Aldi jacket will be fine.