Cheapest Way to Get Google Play Credit?

My credit from those PayPal deals a long time ago has finally ran out, what's the cheapest way to top up?

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    Answer the surveys


    Coles/Woolies $50 Google Play Gift Cards when they do a 2000 Point Bonus offer.
    Works out to a 20% discount if you cash the points for $10 at a subsequent checkout.

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    google rewards. i constantly sit at about $25 worth occasionally renting a movie or buying an app


    As others have said, Google Opinion Rewards. Have earned about $25 in total in the one and a half years I've been doing it.

    Just be sure to "go along" with the questions. If there are 5 questions in the survey, try to complete all of them because, sometimes, if you answer no for the first question, the rest of the survey no longer applies to you.
    Obviously, more questions = more $$$.

    So far, Google Opinion Rewards thinks I'm both single and married, and parents to 10+ kids, while also studying full time in uni, and working in the tech industry on top of everything.

    Either all of this, or Gumtree and FB Marketplace have heavily discounted gift cards e.g. I picked a $50 card for $35.


      I get about $0.5 a day from Google Rewards - often it seems to be triggered about going into certain shops (or near them) Chemist Warehouse, Officeworks, Target etc etc. Plus random demographic surveys. If you lie about going into stores I think it ignores you for a while. I use it to pay for my Google Photos subscription.


    Been mentioned above, Google rewards survey. I've earnt $60+ since November 2018. Paid for some Pokemon go raid passes, pro versions of certain apps to remove ads.


    I once had almost $160 sitting in the rewards account. Until google decided to follow their terms and conditions and credits now expire within a certain period of time. Now it's always just sitting at around $20-28. Funny thing is, I never really spent much of it. Off the top of my head, I think I used it to buy a premium account for one app and I think I also used it to buy Stardew valley. Otherwise, it just accumulates. (until it expires)


      I bought all the paid versions of apps that I used.
      Support the developers and eliminate ads!
      And use it for Youtube Music subscription.


    I've installed Google rewards app, not sure if it will be interested in my opinions that much as I live in the country.