Looking for Frank Green discount

Looking for deals and coupons for Frank Green, I did search here and it looks like I missed a big sale recently.
Anyone have any ideas or know when they might have a sale?

Also thoughts on quality from personal experience. The reviews are terrible but I assume a lot if people only leave a review when they are unpleased as a get back.

A friend loves theirs and I’m keen on the original clear 740ml water bottle and the 595ml ceramic canister.

Thanks in advance 👌🙌

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    I have no code but can give you a review.

    I had a plastic water bottle many, many years ago. Before they were well known. Our work gave us either bottles or coffee cups.

    I really liked it. The top was nice to drink from.

    Those that got the coffee cups, however, said they were awfully difficult to clean, and many stopped using them for coffee.

    Mine had an untimely end as it fell from my desk and broke on both the lid and bottle, so I couldn’t just buy one part to fix it. It was completely broken.

    My understanding is the plastic ones only became thinner and therefore more likely to break.


    I believe you can buy button, bottle and lid parts separately looking at the store. But I can see that would be a pain. I don’t drink coffee so that’s not a problem for me.
    Thanks for the review :)


      Oh yeah, that’s what I meant. If I’d only broken one part I probably would have bought the bottle or lid to replace it, but I needed a whole new thing not just part.


    Friend of mine had one of the coffee cups, gave unwanted one to me.

    My thoughts:

    Pain in the ass to clean the lid mechanism, so makes me want to use it without using the special button mechanism. At which point I would rather have a normal cup.

    Not a fan of plastic, feel free to disagree but I am concerned about how it affects our bodies so prefer glass or ceramic. Not impressed that a premium cup is cheap plastic.

    Same friend has a big water bottle which is quite nice, its metal too. But I still am not a fan of the lid mechanism, still a pain to clean. Would prefer a regular bottle.


    No code, but you really need one for thr price of these things. Ordered one and it took ages to arrive. Order lost. CS are hopeless. Was coming from other side of down. Should of only been 5days. Had a code with the purchsse, but now expired. Oh the old one was dropped and the lid part broke.


    Daily user of the insulated coffee cup here for the drive to work.

    Lid is shithouse for drinking out of, cleaning and generally being easy to deal with. It's a pain.

    Remove said lid and the cup is good for a reusable coffee cup. Just don't drive like a maniac and you won't spill it. Does stay very hot with it being insulated.

    Plastic Frank green coffee cup? Awful for the lid reasons above+ the cup is woeful for a hot drink.