What Is The Best Way to Pay for a US Item and Avoid International Fees?


I'm looking to purchase a high-valued item (>A$3.5k) from a US website which means I will definitely incur international transaction fees. As such, I plan to use my 28 degrees card to avoid this. My question is, if I link my 28 degrees to my PayPal, and ensure that my credit card does the currency conversion rather than Paypal, will I still incur the international transaction fees?

Is there are any other better way to avoid these fees? I'm only using PayPal due to the buyer protection.

Thanks all.



    If you do ensure the credit card does the conversion there should be no currency conversion fee.

    PayPal always defaults to doing the conversion so you need to change to the credit card conversion every time.


      Is the currency conversion fee different to the international transaction fee? I'm more worried about the latter.


        Choose PayPal with 28 degrees and have currency set to USD then you won't be getting 3% bank fees.

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    Since you are trying to avoid any additional fees are you aware of gst + import duty that you will be hit with at the border? I'll be more worried about this than trying to save few dollars in currency conversion fees.


      I'm definitely aware of the gst + import duty. Unfortunately, something which I can't avoid.

      I'm concerned about the international transaction fee. It's like 3% with Commbank which is about ~$100.


    $0 international transaction fees on purchases
    $0 currency conversion fees on purchases

    source: https://www.28degreescard.com.au/

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    Hire a Colombian Submarine. You maybe asked to deliver a package at teh same time.

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    there is a option when you pay with PayPal to use your cards conversion rates


      yep tick the box to make card do currency conersion