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Another great freebie for the kids.

From the website:

In the interactive Meemu Airport games the adorable animal characters head to the airport to start their delightful trip. By performing a variety of simple tasks kids will explore the basic concepts of traveling and will get a gentle introduction to travel routines and travel items. These colorful and exploratory games are designed to be handled easily by toddlers and pre-elementary school-aged kids aiming to bring joy and delight while playing and learning at the same time.

Ages: 1, 2, 3, 4+ years old toddlers and preschool children.


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    The issue I have with the free kids games is the number of ads! The kids keep clicking then when they come up too which makes it worse.
    Anyone know if this one has those issues?


      I do not think it has ads or IAPs. The website does not state this.


      You can block most ads on games on iOS without using any apps, using adguard DNS manually on the wifi DNS settings, even those popover video ones

      On the iPad Goto settings
      Select your wifi
      Click the info button
      Go to configure DNS
      Select manual
      Remove whatever is there and use the below servers

      For "Default" servers:
      For "Family protection" servers:

      Some games won't launch with this DNS enabled
      You will need to do this once for each wifi

      Check the adguard website for more info


    That Koala is literally me in an airplane.

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    What's an airport again?


    The expansion features a 'quarantine' game mode post flight.

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    So it says get full version, do you have to pay for it when you click that…


    In-App Purchases
    Airport yearly subscription - $21.49
    Airport Monthly Subscription - $6.99