Can Anyone Help with Samsung S21+ GPS Test?

I am in the market for a phone that supports dual gnss but cannot find if the Australian version of Samsung S21+ supports this.

Would anyone be able to install and run this GPS app on their Samsung S21+ (Australian stock) to check?

A screenshot confirming or denying this would be super helpful. (If you can see both L1 and L5 under the CF column it means it supports dual gnss)
Thanks in advance.


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    Yeah I can see l1 and l5 in my Telstra S21+

    • Awesome thanks heaps for confirming :)
      edit: oh wait this one is for the ultra right?
      Ultra is confirmed, would like to know for the S21+ specifically if anyone owns one

  • Just out of curiosity, I checked the app on S10 (G9730) and even I got

    L1 = USA, Russia, Japan
    L5 = USA
    E1 = EU
    E5a = EU
    B1 = China

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    I have the s21+ and I can see both L1 and L5

    • Awesome cheers mate :)

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