Best Value AX Router under $300?

Looking to upgrade to Wifi 6 now that all of our devices support it.

Good range, low latency for wifi gaming, something that will last until the next big standards update.

With $300 to spend, what would you buy?


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    Xiaomi ax9000

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    Just went through the same process (literally a day ago)

    i would probabaly wait for WIFI 6e - which has 6ghz support… i bought an AX router and struggled to get gigabit over wifi, and got similar speeds vs my wifi5 router

    otherwise, i would recommend a TP LINK ax50 for around $300 if you want to still purchase one..!


      Didn't realize that they were already planning to make wifi 6 obsolete, bit of a pity as I've already bought a wifi 6 adapter for my desktop.

      None of my devices support 6e and I'm assuming it's going to be years before regular devices do, so might grab a wifi 6 one now and upgrade in 3 years.

      How much better is the AX50 than the Xiaomi AX6000 AIoT, which is slightly cheaper? Does a better branded AX3000 beat a cheaper AX6000?

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        Hmm, I reckon post your question on Whirlpool, they have better more tailored advice… generally, a good branded (ASUS etc) AX3000 might be better than the AX6000, but it really depends…!

        Wifi 6e is a bigger jump apparently than wifi5 to 6..

        Either way, I reckon upgrading every 3-4 years is perfect!


          Wifi 6e is a bigger jump apparently than wifi5 to 6..

          Nah, it just allow both router and end devices using a less congested wifi spectrum and therefore inherits the benefits. it is more like going from 802.11g to 802.11a.

          My two AX capable laptops can sync in gigabits being a floor above the router. Couldn't get then to connect with 160Mhz bandwidth thou.


    Personally I would get Asus TUF-AX3000 for $259 at Amazon because I'm familiar with Asus firmware and Amazon is easy to deal with.

    But Xiaomi AX6000 is so cheap, and seems pretty solid based on OZB comments.