Can Anyone Recommend Online Mobile Shop? Want to Buy S21 Ultra 512GB Snapdragon Version

I know that warranty is an issue, but I still cannot convince myself to buy a phone with inferior variant after watched some reviews like this one.

I intent to use the phone for another 5 years or even longer. ( I am still using my s7 edge). So I don't know if that 2 years warranty really attracts me compare to better CPU.

I was looking at bestmobilephone they had good price but now out of stock atm.

Also look at kogan, catch, both are the same, out of stock.

Found still can order on becextech, mymobile, expansys
for becextech I heard that it has bad reputation, so skip it.

mymobile's price isn't good.

expansys is cheaper. but dose anyone have good experience with them?

Or is there any other online shops have good reputation?

Thank you.


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    For expensive phones like S21 Ultra, I think it is wiser to buy LOCAL AU version even it is Exynos version. You can't beat the 2 years warranty + ACL.

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      Then there would be actually zero reason to buy the S21 Ultra. You buy the phone not the warranty.




        Some people, like myself need a warranty for when things go wrong with the phone and willing to sacrifice to get it.


        Of course you're buying the warranty.

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      But does the warranty cover 'defective' Exynos processors compared to SD :P

      Man I hate Exynos processors….


        Have you used an S21 with an Exynos 2100? It's great. My old S9 was horrible, but this new processor is honestly so much better than the old exynos processors. On top of that the SD888 doesn't seem that great compared to previous SD processors.


          I went through S9 and S20 series and am sick of getting shafted with Exynos. Haven't played with the S21 series yet, heard it is better but haven't really looked into it yet.

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    Good luck with warranty on imports. I would choose something like mi11 or oppo find x3 with local warranty, or just skip snapdargon 888, snapdragon 865 is good enough for me and much cheaper eg: oppo find x2 pro 512gb $800 or $0 with thegoodguys telstra 99*12mth plan.

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    You can get home content insurance for your device (if you really want the snapdragon from grey import)

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    This generation of Exynos, the 2100 is very competitive with the SD 888. There is basically next to no difference between them this generation. Importing a S21 just to get the SD 888 version, seems like a pointless undertaking to me. If I really wanted a SD 888, I would just get a local phone with that processor.

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    Samsung has dumped their in-house cores, the exynos 2100 design contains Cortex ARM CPU cores - exactly the same as the Qualcomm. The maximum clock speed on the Exynos is actually slightly higher, when you use any power mode setting apart from the maximum, this is irrelevant.

    Qualcomm is no longer using the 7nm TSMC process, both the Qualcomm and the Exynos are built at a 5nm Samsung fab. Battery life will be equivalent.

    The Qualcomm has slightly more cache, it will perform a bit better in a synthetic benchmark, but they are otherwise practically the same.

    They do have a different GPU, personally I don't care about FPS in mobile games.

    TLDR Samsung fixed their crap design, it isn't an issue anymore