Rugged/Shockproof USB Wall Charger That Can Take a Beating

So I got a cheap Buddee Big W $10 USB wall charger over a year ago to bring along with me everywhere I go in my cargo pants as I stopped carrying a bag awhile ago. It has been working perfect until recently the internals started short circuiting. Now I was trying to think what could have caused that and I remembered the past week I have been doing a lot of rough work and it took a beating in my cargo pants and I'm certain it was not built with that kind of protection so the internals probably got messed up inside even though on the surface it looked still fine.

So I had to throw it. Right now I'm using a new high speed QC3.0 rated 15-18w rated USB wall charger from Kmart but it was only $10 and I'm pretty sure not shockproof rated at all or waterproof.

So I'm looking for a relatively cheap rugged mainly shockproof USB wall charger now or at least one that can maybe take a beating. So I'm wondering if anyone has had this same problem and found a good product or solution. I guess I could just leave one charger at each of the sites I clean at but it takes up an outlet and some sites we can't leave personal devices plugged in or even around so trying to find a rugged shockproof solution before I accidentally short circuit myself. Or maybe the USB wall charger is as strong as I thought it was and an insect or piece of dust got in and shorted the circuit.

TL;DR any recommendations for a shock resistant USB wall charger bonus points if it is also water proof and dust resistant somehow but mainly just looking for shockproof factor

Thanks have a nice day!



    Buy a new one for $10 every year. Problem solved.


      This is the plan I just don't want to turn on my charger again and watch it start sparking.

      I have decided to just leave some usb wall chargers at the places I work if it goes missing I'll just replace it for $5-10.

      Better than carrying it in my pocket and it getting smacked all over the place while I'm doing stuff.


    USB Wall Charger That Can Take a Beating
    bring along with me everywhere I go in my cargo pants

    Do you have a socket in your pants?! Best to leave in plugged into a wall.

    May you should buy a Lithium power bank to charge your devices on the go instead.


      Yeah I decided to just leave it near a wall at work hopefully it doesn't go missing.

      I used to carry a power bank with me when I used to carry a bag.

      But now I just go bagless as it is more easier, lighter and convenient to move around etc.

      I thought about carrying a power bank in my pockets but same issue of me moving around a lot plus my main pockets I try to free up for my keys and phone.

      Less every day carry the better.

      Oh well let's see how long my charger lasts at work before somebody commandeers it.


    Get a new phone battery so you're not charging throughout the day


      Unfortunately I have a phone with a non removable.

      I used to carry around a power bank in my bag but I don't use a bag atm so power bank would suffer the same fate as my charger getting knocked around while in my pocket.

      Thanks for the idea though.

      Spare battery is a good idea for those who can carry it around safely.


    Would getting a small Pelican case be an option? Those things looked like they'd protect anything from fair amount of damage.

    I've seen people using a tiny one, like for their expensive earphones. Though it might add bit more weight than you'd want I am guessing.


      Ooh yes interesting idea this looks worthy but do they sell one that can fit in a cargo pant sharing space with a 3m usb cable or 2m but it was definitely a long cable.

      Haha would be cute to carry out a tiny palm sized case to just carry a usb charger but honestly this has the best idea yet.

      Even if I knock it on like a door or pole or something it would be protected while inside right.

      So yeah any idea if they sell a pelican case in usb charger size lol or cargo pant size.. Smaller the better so less bulky and can still use the cargo pouch to like carry tools if needed.


        and the best part is that they are also water resistant if you close them right.

        I think if you go, they have bunch of different sizes, so it might be worth a look?


    What type of phone are you using? Could you get one of those cases that has an auxiliary battery built into the case? They are bulky, but so is carrying a charger.


      Xiaomi Redmi Note 4


        Might be difficult to get for that model.

        Replacing the battery at one of those mobile repairs probably wouldn't be that expensive.


          Are you talking about replacing the internal battery or doing some kind of mod case upgrade.

          Just in case you were not sure my battery in my phone is fine still it's just non removable.

          But any ways carrying around an extra battery in my pocket would probably be a bad idea for the same reason I think carrying my usb charger was.. It would be knocked around a lot and slowly get damaged.


            @AlienC: I mean the battery is not user removable, but a tech could remove it probably in 10 minutes and put in a new one.

            I have had the battery replaced in my wife's iphone to keep it going. I cannot remember how much it was, but it was not shocking and I just got it done locally (phone out of warranty so I don't care).


              @Masterpupil: I get ya I just don't think it is necessary at this point in time yet but yeah good idea for future.

              I still get quite a lot of battery usually a whole days worth about 8-10 hours I would say.

              I usually am out of the house for around 8-10 hours and get below 5-10% in the 9th hour.

              Obviously different days might have different usage and many times have lost all my battery by like the 7-8th hour.


    Can highly recommend this power bank.

    It is on the pricey side because it is USB C /does 18w fast charging. It isn't terrible for its size and mAh amount though.

    Cygnett always has 20-30% off, including now with POWER20 brings the price down to about $63

    I have taken it and other cygnett power packs everywhere from work to nights out to festivals. My recent one has copped a beating but is all good.

    Also they are a local company based in Melbourne and it feels good to support them.

    Genuinely curious though, what are you doing that is banging your wall charger around so much?


      nothing much mostly gardening and diy renovation type stuff

      It's mostly just cleaning and moving fast sometimes in tight spaces so the cargo pants sometimes hits things and the bumps add up i guess because my last $10 usb wall charger started shorting and sparking when turned on.