Help Me Find Braun Thermoscan 7 Bargain

Hi All,

3 years ago I bought Braun Thermoscan 7 ear thermometer for $65. It was online but I cannot remember from where. Back then RRP was $100+. It was a very good deal. I need to buy another one for as gift but cannot find anything less than $85

Does any of you know if it is getting sold somewhere around $65?


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    As someone who has had 2 prem babies, all the midwives and peds use these. They recommend this over all else.


      That's an insert type. You either use it under arm or insert into rectum which can be dangerous and certainly uncomfortable. It is only recommended 0-6 months. We have used it for my twins until 3-4 months but after that it start to becaome difficult as babies becoming active after 4+ months.

      Ear thermometers are pretty accurate and safe.

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        Underarm only, don't know who's been taking your temp lately. The issue with ear ones is inconsistency.

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    As you can see it is chosen as #1 in the list that you have sent. if the #1 has 20 minutes waiting time then you imagine the rest.

    That 20 minute is if you there is a sudden "big" change in the environment temp. you always keep the device in the house in the same environment. So there is no need for adjustment or wait time.

    When you go to GP what they use?? The one that I sent. May be they have started to you Forehead version due to Covid but 99% they use the model/type that we use.

    Long story short, The one that you suggest is only 0-6 months only and I agree it is good during that time. But after that you need to switch to Ear type. Go ask doctors.


    Post the Covid-19 pandemic, medical aids like thermometers have all experienced a general price rise. There is less discounting happening on these devices in retail stores.