HotHands® Hand Warmers

Hi, where to buy these Hot-hands handwarmer for cheap?

Currently best I found from CW 70c per piece

Last year on some sort of sale we bought from eBay 60c per piece
But now showing full price / 0 available?

Tried some reusable ones but they don't last long enough and takes time to reboil/reset.

Kid has Raynaud's.


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    These are terrible one use landfill items.

    Wear a beanie.
    Wear gloves.
    Wear another layer.
    Drink some hot water.
    Do a brisk walk.

    Your body handles itself.

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      There is no cold weather, only poor clothing. Dress appropriately for where you are.


        School with strict uniform policy.


          What school doesn’t allow plain black gloves or a black scarf? If that is true then I’d be raising that as a serious issue in the schools uniform policy.

          In the classroom itself you would hope that the rooms themselves would be warm. Once again, if not, I’d be raising that with the school.

          Thermals can be worn underneath the uniform to keep warmer. I used to do this when I was at school as I was always much colder than others in my class.

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      Kid has Raynaud's and Doc suggested the pocketwarmers and it helps.

      Most of those don't help her hands+fingers at school.

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        If your child has a medical condition, diagnosed, have it documented, then ask for accommodation in the school uniform policy to appropriately support your child's needs.
        Failure to accommodate a student's medical condition would be problematic for the school in a number of ways.

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        I also have Raynaud's and can attest that gloves, etc don't help when it gets bad.

        I was buying the HotHands from Amazon Aus:,

        but ended up buying rechargeable hand warmers. They don't seem to sell the exact one I bought, but this one is similar:

        There are a lot on Amazon, at different price points. Mine last almost as long as HotHands, and don't take too long to recharge. Might be worth a look.


    Rub your hands together.

    Friction is the best heat conductor.


      Most high school boys are good at friction heating.

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    Has your daughter tried the Little Hotties brand?

    Little Hotties Hand Warmer 40 Pairs $28.99 @ Costco.


    My partner has the same illnesses, sorry to hear about your child. I've normally bulk purchased from the CW web site directly for the entire winter. Sometimes there's a CW coupon or free shipping deal etc. She's tried other brands but none have been as good as HotHands. She's also tried rechargeable heat gloves, but they're a little cumbersome. Good luck

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    Look up heated gloves from motorcycle shops. You get get some that work with rechargeable batteries. They are more expensive initially than single use pocket warmers but are environmentally much more heaps bettera.

    With a medical certificate, I am sure the school would allow your child to wear gloves.


      I'm keen to try these, especially for cycling. Even in summer I end up with blue/numb fingers. All of the ones I found are either super bulky though, or the heated bits don't go all the way to the fingertips, which is needed with Reynaud's. I've only been looking on Amazon though, to be fair. I'll have to check out some motorcycle shops!


    If you have a Costco membership they are marginally cheaper than 70c each if you go into the store.