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NCM Electric Bike Prague $1259 Delivered @ MoveBikes


. Ergonomic bicycle Grips
. Comfortable sitting posture
. All important controls easily accessible
. Supplied with 36V to deliver a high output power
. over 468Wh capacity for a longer distance
. each up to 70 km (depending on the conditions)
. easily removable battery so you can charge it anywhere
. A built-in USB port with 5V to charge mobile phones

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  • OP any chance for a Milano Plus deal?

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      So if you’re the same price and it’s not a deal… then is your price not that great either? Also I think it’s against site rules to be a commenting as a competitor

      • Umm, they didn't say their price was great or even better. They were just pointing out that this was an advertisement masquerading as a bargain and I, for one, appreciate that.

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          It's the cheapest price for a brand new Prague which is discounted from regular price. Thus that's the bargain price, regardless if sold by multiple outlets.

          No difference to something that's reduced at Amazon and JB Hifi.

          • @Hybroid: I'm guessing you didn't see the Spark Bikes rep say his piece so I'll say it again. $1259 is the standard MSRP and you can find this price at literally any place that sells NCMs (e.g. https://sparkbikes.com.au/collections/new-electric-bikes/pro...). You'd actually be hard-pressed to find a place that sells it at retail. So it's not a bargain, it's an ad.

            You don't often see reduced items on ozbargain, mostly only clearance items. That's why JB Hi-fi catalogues are not reposted here; because we found cheaper prices at Officeworks or whatever before JB decided to drop their prices.

        • Yeah fair enough.

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    why remove the competitor post????

    • Store rep code of conduct:

      Representatives are free to participate in other posts as long as they don't:

      vote on a competitor's deal.
      promote or link to their own store, website or products that they sell.
      solicit sales in any way (including asking users to contact them or drawing attention to products/services they offer).
      negatively comment about a competitor's company.

      They linked to their own store and negged the deal

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      @sparkbikes pretty much broke about 4 OB rules in one comment, quite impressive really!!

  • does it have "throttle only" function? ;)

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    Just leaving this here for the uninitiated:


  • I'm with Deseret, if a company posts a "special" price that isn't in fact a special price, that should be called out, doing that just dilutes the value of the entire site.

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      But it is a special price, it was $1,399.00 and now it's $1,259.00, it's not that special, but it is a special price.
      And no-one else has stated that there is a better price so it seems fine to me.

      • Meh……just because a product's price is now less than its original retail price doesnt make it special. If this sort of thing were continually posted here we'd never get to see the really worthy posts.

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        $1,399 myebike.com.au $1,495 sydney-electric-bikes.myshopify.com
        The comment from sparkbikes was removed as they neg voted, then dropped their price to match this deal, then proceeded to pay out on Movebikes for posting this deal even though they dropped their price to match this deal, then they tried to promote their own store, pretty scummy behavior if you ask me. Also the link you gave me to "prove" this was MSRP was just a link to their page, what's going on here??!! You seem to be following the @sparkbikes comments to the letter, every comment you've made is in promotion or support of their business.

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    Take 20% off or something. Otherwise it's just an ad

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    Ad! No discount, no special, no nothing just buy X for price $X this is ozbargin not Ozpostyourproduct