Roborock S7 Pre-Order

I would appreciate your thoughts on the Roborock S7 Pre-Order offer.
Buy now or wait for a bargain when it has been released?

  • 15% OFF the $1199 RRP price

  • FREE 30pc Disposable Mop Pack. 

  • FREE ADDITIONAL 6 months warranty (18 months total)

  • FREE Australia Post shipping with tracking

  • Exclusive Pre Order Allocation for the first 500 units.

  • Exclusive invitation begins Sat 15th May 2021 12.01am and ends on Sun 16th May 2021 11.59pm AEST.


  • Where are you getting the pre order? On roborock Web site?

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      Got in email after signing up to the competition to win an S7

      • Same here received email and decided to go ahead with it. S6 Max V was on radar but went this version assuming better mopping features.

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      If any one wants to order try
      Use code 'PREORDER' at checkout to receive 15% off the RRP $1199.00 and all the pre-order inclusions.

      • got one using this link, code worked. thanks

        • Great hope you have used shopback for another $32.43 bonus

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    I’m interested in upgrading my s50, but when I see them around Au$840 on aliexpress for European markets, it makes me want to wait. However, they seem to be pushing differentiated pricing for Aus, so I don’t think I have much of a choice.

    • What is holding you back from purchasing it from Aliexpress? I don't use aliexpress often but I had a quick look at they're priced at $599 usd which is about $780 aud however it appears they don't ship to Australia. Would parcel forwarding work?

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    I received the same and was tempted however decided to wait a couple of months and see what bargains come up. The test I gave myself is: is it worth paying what is likely extra to have it now? That's a personal choice but I've decided to wait.

    That said, I'll be watching this post for others' comments on the pre-order offer. :-)

  • I only have a 2 bedroom apartment and already have a dyson stick vac, would a robovac be useful?

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      Just set and forget. You will free up some time in your life mopping and vacuuming.

    • Program it to come on when you're out at work, won't be any inconvenience in terms of noise or getting in the way and will save you time doing it.

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    This or the new ecovac deebot t9+?

    • The ecovac has an auto empty station which isn't included in the roborock pre-order offer. Something else for me to consider.

      • Yes the t9 comes with the auto empty function, the S7 doesn't. I know in China they've already released an even newer version than the S7.

        • With obstacle detection, as you'd expect. Interesting they don't use cameras but something called "structured light projection" that sounds even creepier/better!

    • +3

      Assuming the Ecovacs terrible mapping problems are fixed (latest reviews seem positive)…

      The advantages for the s7 vs the t9 ​(and t8 AIVI) are:
      - s7 Max lifts the mop so it doesn't trail on the carpet. Currently you can't use a robot vacuum to clean your carpets AND mop on the same run because the machine simply will refuse to cross carpet while the mop is on (as with my s5 Max). That means you need to manually put on and remove the mop head every time you want to mop rather than vacuum and vice versa. This is a pain in the a$$ if you like to set and forget
      - s7 Max's mopping head can support reuseable mops - the Ecovacs t8 and t9 only allow disposable pads.
      - the s7Max mopping head agitates far more frequently than the Ecovacs models. The sonic vibrations range from 1,650 to 3,000 times a minute. By comparison, the vibrating mopping "Pro" attachment sold by Ecovacs for the Deebot Ozmo T8 oscillates at 480 times a minute (and doesn’t raise its pad). The Android Authority eview suggest this doesn't make a HUGE difference in performance.

      The advantages for the t9:
      - for the same price (roughly) it comes with an auto empty station. That's pretty important, especially since the S7's auto empty station still has not fixed ETA , which means it could be next year or later, and almost certainly will cost at least $300.
      - new air freshener feature (which has little appeal to me

      The t8 AIVI has the camera, but reviewers suggest other than detecting pet poo well, it doesn't help that much with obstacle detection and you can't record while it's on a cleaning run, which means if you want it to be a security guard, it'll need to do it as a separate run. Ditto the s6Max's cameras.

      Ultimately, not having to buy (and replace every night) disposable mopping pads and manually juggle the mop attachment makes the s7 the winner for me.

      • Thanks for your very informative comments. 👍

      • Currently you can't use a robot vacuum to clean your carpets AND mop on the same run because the machine simply will refuse to cross carpet while the mop is on (as with my s5 Max

        Guess it depends on floor plan, as we can do this with our house, as it does all the carpeted rooms first then the tiles areas last..

        • Yes - unfortunately we have a lot of carpeted corridors and bedroom that thus deny entry to bathrooms and ensuite.

        • Curious though - are you saying you are able to set your machine to just vacuum your carpets and on the same run, vacuum and mop your tiles? I thought you can't turn off the mopping/water function. Keen to know how you set yours up

          • @y2k: yep. have the rooms set to whats allowed in each and it does whole house, carpet areas first (0 water level set, max suction) then tile area(max water level, medium suction).
            Water doesnt start until its done the carpet and starts on the tiles

            • @SBOB: I just noticed the customise view has a 'dry wipe rooms will be cleaned first" notice so clearly the review that said the s5Max will not cross carpet to get to a moppable room was out of date (or I misread it!). It seems that only applies if you set the room as a "no mop zone" - which you can get around by doing what you have done by setting the water level to zero, which makes it a "dry wipe" zone?! Will try this myself tonight.

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    Nobody else scratching their head how 3 years ago you could get an s50 for around $400 and now an S7 is almost 3 times that cost? I really want to upgrade my s50 to the s7 but battling to justify cost.

  • I would buy it. Ive been hanging out for it as I feel the new features fit the requirements of my better half. She hates the Aldi Stirling one we have - although it does the job ok; the mopping is terrible and it has no smarts at all.

    I've really been struggling with pulling the finger on the S5Max with the S7 around the corner.

    In any case, I never received the offer above; so the money stays in my pocket for now. Couldnt see anything about this offer on the roborock website and its still not available on Amazon AU.

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    From the chat website,:

    "There's no exact date yet, but we're planning to launch [the empty station unit] in few months and the ballpark is AUD 399-499."

    Also, can't pre-order the black version.

    • It says the white version is the only one available for the au market

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    Similar comment to what Eyetie is saying…this seems like almost exactly the same lidar botvac as every other one from two years ago. My 360 S7 is functionally similar and it was $600 or something.

    I got the 360 S10 pre-order off indiegogo for $750 with all the 'extras' and it has THREE lidar sensors and no more bump on the top…so my suggestion is to get the 360 S10 instead of this.

  • It does really seem like there is no best vacuum/mop at the moment…..the one to rule them all.

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    Am tempted to grab a pre-order as well but I'll likely wait it out…

    Some things I found out about the S7, could be useful info to someone:
    - It has a mopping function, but don't expect it to be amazing or anything because you can only pour cold water in it. So no disinfectants, cleaning fluids, etc. Putting in cleaning fluid corrodes the water tank and will likely void the warranty if you have any issues down the line.
    - It does have an emptying station (someone said above that it'll be around 400-500 AUD), but if you frequently rely on the mopping function as well, you'll need to replace the water tank and clean the mops manually anyway. At that point you might as well dispense the dust bin while you walk to the kitchen to fill the water tank.
    - If you have pets, you'll need to untangle the hairs from the brushes from time to time as well. Reviewers say it's okay at untangling pet hairs. Just another thing you need to manage as well if you have pets.

    • A $400-500 self emptying station is pretty eye watering! You’d think a $1500 Black Friday package must be coming…

    • I added detergent to the mop pad itself in my S5Max (I give it a good dousing) and it seems to work nicely. Obviously I still don't expect it to be as good as a real mop where you can really get your weight into a stain, but some reviews say the performance is well ahead of the usual static pad, and somewhat better than the Ecovacs pro attachment (that only takes disposable pads - a dealbreaker for me given how often I run the mop).

      You raise a good point about how self emptying maybe isn't necessary if you are using the mop a lot (as I plan to) since you're on your way to the kitchen/bathroom anyway, where you would have a bin.

      The hair issue in the brushes plagues most vacuums - though I thought the new rubber brush design meant less hair tangles?

  • For anyone who didn't join the comp and thus get the special offer, give this link a try:

  • Got my S7 and put it through the first mopping test.
    Anyway I've also got an S5 in the house.
    Feel free to ask me any more nuanced Qs if you have any.

    • Is it a big upgrade from the S5, I was considering the S5 max but when I heard about the vibrating mop pad, I've been trying to increase the budget to accomodate the S7 instead

      • +2

        Short version:
        Edge cleaning: not much difference. Both struggles/need to go over afterwards the edges.
        Vaccuming: Can't tell if it is upgraded as S5 is pretty much perfect. That said, easy to clean brush (but u can get more easier to clean brushes for S5)
        Mopping: S7 is actually amazing at mopping. This is the predominant reason why we purchased it for our downstairs that is majority floor boards. I could only find 1 item that was still caked on, but got rest off from lots of abuse over the years.
        I also really like that when u select 2x for a zone it does in a grid pattern - really makes a difference.

        in short, for vaccuming, no need to upgrade. If you plan on using it to mop alot, definitely worthwhile.

        Only catch is I get about 1hr of mopping before run out of water - so you will know from your S5 roughly the size of area it can cover before you need to fill it up. On pro side of mopping, it doesn't use much battery at all.