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LEGO Clearance Sale $2-$129 in-Store (+ Delivery or $3 C&C Fee Where Applicable) @ Kmart


Seems like Kmart has started some clearance deals, below are some of the best:

  • LEGO Harry Potter Great Hall - $129
  • LEGO Harry Potter Whomping Willow/Hagrid’s Hut - $75
  • LEGO Classic Blue/White Baseplate - $8
  • Assorted LEGO Dots Bracelets - $2
  • LEGO Creator Holiday Caravan - $79

*note some of these sets are no longer in production

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    Where are you now
    Match the price
    Match the price
    Where are you now
    Another clearance
    The monsters running wild inside of me
    I'm faded
    I'm faded
    So lost
    I'm faded

    • +8

      I’m drinking are you too?

      • -1

        Sure wonmans drinks a Marboura white wine followed by 2 Baileys on the rocks .
        Please no `^ ing I can't speell comments .
        I wanted the #2 dots but out of course .

        • +2

          No Mario castle for you pop

          • @qzcbmo: Hahahah no soup for you!

            I was after the dots too

        • Typed like you had a few too many.

          • @SF3: As I said, I’m drinking too

            Clearly not a Seinfeld fan….

            • @Twisty: I wasn’t replying to you, Yev Kassem. Clearly not drinking soup.

              • @SF3: Ahh ok sorry, popped up like it was. My mistake buddy

                • +1

                  @Twisty: No worries have a good evening.

    • millennium falcon 75192 from $2….

      i'll take 40

  • amazon price matching at least some of these fyi

  • -2

    The discounts are less than 20% for almost all of the products. Whereas Target, Myer, BigW frequently have 20% sales.

    • +6

      Except Kmarts prices are normally 20% off plus before this discount.

    • I love the people that believe the every week sales are starting from a true place lol :)
      The caravan bargain has been posted multiple times at $49 only 61% more here :)

  • +12

    The "from $2" is worse than those signs that say "upto70%" off with the upto in miniature writing.

  • -1

    I have a feeling they are getting rid of baseplates… better stock up while it’s $8 a pop.

  • 50% or more off on a lot of the super Mario expansion sets looks like good deals if you like them.

  • note some of these sets are no longer in production

    Thanks OP this 1 only Assorted LEGO Dots Bracelets - $2 and when I'm drunk I'll buy it :)

    No stock saved my A$$ .