Someone Else Signing My Name and Taking Package

I checked the tracking for a TNT shipment and to my surprise found it was marked Delivered in good condition with someone else signing my name on the Proof of Delivery.

Technically the driver could have taken the package but that seems unlikely. So it would have been either someone in one of the other units in my apartment building or even someone walking in pretending to live here.

If the intended recipient didn't actually sign for proof of delivery, is TNT liable to cover the package as missing? I doubt there's anything to be done about the thief who took it/the original package.

I don't mind waiting for a redelivery but do quite disagree with stuff I've bought being stolen.

Edit: title changed as forge has very specific meaning
Edit 2: I was home at the time and the deliverer didn't ring the door or call me, so if they signed off for me due to COVID distancing they should have at least told me it had arrived.

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    So it could be anyone who stole it? not just the neighbour forging sig? or you have security camera of the gig then your laughing.. call the cops.

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    Contact TNT, say it was never delivered. Driver may have signed off on it due to Covid.


      Contacted TNT.

      Good point— wonder if any couriers doing that are still charging extra for 'signature on delivery' vs standard tracking.

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    If you have proof of who it was, call the police.
    If you have no proof, call TNT and tell them you never got it and it's their problem to sort out.


      At this stage not really concerned with whoever took it. Sucks, but that's life.

      Just hope TNT don't palm me off by deeming the fake signature as proof of delivery.


    Unlikely the driver taking it . Are you kidding ? favorite


    someone else signing my name

    Signed another name or forged your usual signature?


      Yeah this. The crucial bit of information you have omitted is what does the signature provided by the recipient look like?


        Agreed, it's not forging if they just wrote my name. Was just trying to say someone who wasn't me wrote a signature identifying as me.

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    Clickbait title.


      It’s SNL.


      Changed, now that you mention it. Was just trying to not repeat phrases.


    OP do you watch a lot of dramas or reality tv programs?

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    Australia post has been signing all my deliveries themselves since covid, TNT could be doing the same thing?

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    Do you write headline titles for

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      OP’s profile pic checks out.

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    I thought parcels delivered these days were just left somewhere safe and the courier takes a photo… because of covid.
    I have had a parcel delivered to the wrong address and the courier provided the photo for me and from that I tracked down where it was delivered to. The lovely people had no intention of getting it to the address on the parcel… :-(
    Do TNT have the pic of the parcel being delivered?
    May just have to report a non delivery to TNT and inform the supplier and let them follow it up.

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      No pic, just signature. Thanks yeah best I can do for now.

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    All our recent TNT/ups etc deliveries have all just asked for a name when delivering. That's it

    No signature, no photos(if left with someone).

    So it's most likely a hand scribbled name of the person the driver gave it to, not an actual signature.

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    Goid news story

    Had this with problem Nespresso, who are apparently notorious for putting the wrong address on deliveries.

    AustPost delivered to wrong address and the person signed for the order. We rang Nespresso to confirm address and they resent the order. This order didn't arrive either.

    We followed up with AustPost and they were able to give us the delivery address for both orders (the idiot at Nespresso had resent the order to the same address). Went to see the guy to explain, and he gave us the unopened boxes. Said he'd expected someone to collect them at some point.

    Outcome: double the pods for the same price.

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    I've had something similar happen in the past, though from memory it was Allied Express.

    Was a large heavy package, right address on the box, driver took it to the wrong house somewhere down the street, left it there and forged my signature (the tracking showed the signature image which was clearly supposed to be my name)

    Thankfully the guy who lived there got home, saw it and carried it over to my house.

    So it could have been the driver that couldn't be bothered dealing with it so signed for it and left it, or someone else pretending to be you like you say.

    Really the only options you've got is to take it up with TNT given the fact you never signed, and also should contact the seller and explain the situation to them. They may chase up TNT for you.


      Following up on both fronts, thanks!

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    IMO until the item is correctly delivered to a purchaser the onus for the non delivery of an item is the responsibility of the seller and the courier they contracted to deliver it.

    A buyer should not be the one to lose out.
    What is the rule on this?

    I notice that Banggood for example offer insurance for non delivery for a fee.
    That is just gouging for more $ to me.

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      What is the rule on this?
      That's what I want to know :( Even if it was the driver doing a COVID signoff, I hope that doesn't change the rules around what proof of receipt means.

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    Use australia post parcel locker address.