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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X + ASRock X570M Pro4 Bundle $549 + $9.90 Delivery @ PC Byte


Seems like a very good deal if you consider the motherboard (which is the only X570M board) itself sells for over $200 (cheapest I can find is $235 on Static Ice).

Would pair well with the $44.55 mATX case posted just earlier.

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    RAM Slot : 4 DIMM DDR4

    M.2 Slot : 1 PCI-E Gen 4

    Supports AMD Crossfire

    Intel Gigabit LAN

    Form Factor : Micro ATX

  • Oh no… my wallet doesn't need this right now!

  • Good deal. I've got this board with a 3700X and have been very happy with it.

  • Great deal on the precise CPU and MB combo I've been after for my first upgrade in 5 years! Thanks OP!

  • good price but no GPU to match,sad

  • What's a good case and cpu fan with this for a quiet no bling setup?

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      I was wrong. Don't think this fits the NR200.

      • nr200 only fit itx or dtx board.

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    CPU benchmark charts indicate the i5-10400f scores 12530 whereas the 5600X scores 22192 and whilst sheer CPU power does not necessarily translate into a better gaming experience it is the better option for a build that you want to last a few years.

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    I purchased this naively thinking they'd send it with a compatible bios installed but they did not. Anybody else have the same problem? Not sure what to do now as I don't have a compatible CPU lying around 😕

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      I came here to warn about this very thing.

      Admittedly, I had some notice. I had a warning about it. But generally, I expected it would be ready out-of-the-box. Why else would they sell it? Not so. After hours of frustration and confusion, I realised my problem, checked my BIOS sticker, saw it was a 2.6 (6 months before they added compatibility), and spent another hour futilely searching for a way to update the bios without another CPU. Some ASROCK Motherboards can. Not this one.

      I am going to ring up a nearby PC repairman in the morning, and beg for help. Failing that, I will complain to the retailer and hope I can get their weakest compatible CPU from it.

      • I ended up getting a local PC repair shop to update it, cost me $50 which killed most of the saving!

        • I have a much more depressing story.

          I got a PC technician to update it. It cost me nothing… because in their professional opinion, my brand new CPU is borked. After successfully updating the bios, it continued to not boot. Thankfully for me, this counts as an incomplete job, which means I don't have to pay. (Good to know those guarantees are a real thing that really exists in the real world.) On the downside, I have to hope that I can navigate the treacherous road of warranties and liability.

          Hopefully, PCByte is good about this.

          • @Mr SP: That sucks, hopefully they fix things for you. I complained to pcbyte but they claim the supplier told them the bios would be compatible

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